About You

Who you are and who you want to become is of primary interest to DDJ Myers. As an organization, team, or individual, you have developed a certain skill set and hold multiple commitments in your personal, work, and community roles.

There may be a time during which you will want to access untapped potential in your organization, team, or employees. You may want to be seen in a new and more accomplished light by your industry and your organization. DDJ Myers is a valued resource that you can use along the path to fulfill that potential.

You are an organization looking for:

  • Effective and healthy practices for coordinating individuals and teams so that they remain in alignment with your vision and strategy.
  • A healthy process for organizational development.
  • Successful practices for succession planning and career development.
  • Best practices for designing, developing and implementing your own learning institute.
  • Benchmark processes that increase¬†employee¬†engagement.
  • Executive coaching to help team members to stay fresh and continue to grow in terms of education and skills.
  • Professional coaching for high performers and to achieve high potentials.
  • An understanding of how competencies align with initiatives.
  • A methodology to assess culture.
  • A reliable way of recruiting talented executives, managers, directors and supervisors.
  • New and greater competencies to help you to achieve goals and new opportunities.

You are a hiring executive who needs support:

  • In understanding current market conditions.
  • In locating quality candidates.
  • Updating compensation for current and future employees.
  • In benchmarking roles for success.
  • Ensuring that your resume accurately reflects the relevant experience necessary for your next position.

You are a professional woman who:

  • Is C Level developing talent in her executive team.
  • Knows the C Level suite is her next career move.
  • Knows that a different paradigm is necessary in order to sustain a healthy organization.
  • Maintains a healthy life and feels a great sense of self.
  • Manages competing commitments and relationships and seeks greater ease.

You are a professional man who:

  • Wants to build a new paradigm for leadership.
  • Manages competing commitments and relationships and seeks greater ease.
  • Seeks to broaden access to power for yourself and those you lead.

You are a seasoned executive:

  • With a desire to take the next career step.
  • Who wants to be seen as a compelling leader.
  • Who wants a different paradigm to leverage your skills and expertise.
  • Who wants to be the next CEO, CFO, COO, or other C level role.

You are an early professional:

  • Who is curious about exploring scenarios for career choices.
  • Who wants to be a high potential for a C level role.
  • Who wants a promotion in the next one to two years.
  • Who is looking to shift from effective management to compelling leadership.

Contact us to explore the possibilities for sustainable health for your organization, team and yourself.