Advancing Leadership Institute

Thank you for visiting the Advancing Leadership Institute of DDJ Myers, Ltd. Our primary purpose is to support increasing capacity and coordination with individuals, teams, and organizations. We believe that each individual, team, and organization has the ability to envision and strategize, plan and implement, and coordinate and collaborate. Our unique competency guides clients to identify, locate, and generate resources that are necessary to help organizations be sustainable and healthy and to maximize their potential.

Creating sustainable and healthy organizations is more than an overnight phenomenon. Committing to doing what is right and developing compelling practices to support the embodiment of beliefs and actions requires support and guidance. DDJ Myers is the resource that provides that to you. Our Advancing Leadership Institute provides rich and diverse programs for leadership development, transformative change, the merging of cultures and team alignment. We added language of leadership because our language influences our actions and leadership effectiveness. Our teaching and coaching models are innovative, accessible, and immediately relevant. The Accountability Map is one of our most popular. Finally, Somatic Coaching pulls everything together to support you in embodying being and becoming who you are as individual, team or organization.

Our clients appreciate the innovative and pragmatic models that we bring to client engagements; they reveal leadership at its best for your team. We engage thought leaders as our coaches who have studied, and teach, at coaching, leadership, and business programs. Each of them are masters at our models, masters in the art of listening, and believe that each one of your leaders are whole and able, ready to launch to a new level of mastery. Our promise is that new conversations, new perspectives, and new actions will result.

If you are interested in hearing about how to bring the Advancing Leadership into your organization or in how to buy our maps and models, please contact Mark Haeussler.


“You are the living embodiment of your work.” -CEO