Accountability in Action: Promise Leadership Model

Accountability is a major topic in organizations today and is at the heart of the effort to empower people to demonstrate initiative, take effective action and act responsibly. When a culture embodies accountability, the organization run smoothly; conversely, when a culture does not promote accountability, it is susceptible to a pattern of repetitive breakdowns. The good news is, DDJ Myers utilizes an evidence based model to help you organize language and behaviors around agreed upon standards of accountability.

Our widely used Promise Leadership Model is a resource for conversations and actions at all levels in organizations, in project planning ,and in designing and fulfilling commitments. This model , based on systems theory, supports individuals and teams in terms of deciding what is really needed, how to successfully communicate those needs and how to provide feedback,  all while maintaining dignity and respect. When adopted as an organizational practice, the Promise Leadership Model builds and increases trust and respect, reduces stress, and enhances the successful implementation of initiatives.

We look forward to sharing more of this outstanding accountability model. Please call soon.