Innovative Models

We develop unique, easily-accessible, and pragmatic models that help navigate leadership. People rely on models to make sense of complex situations and to coordinate actions. We promise that our models will support teams in their conversations, accountabilities, their efforts to effectively utilize feedback, and direct their actions. Some of our most popular models include:

  • The Seasons of Organization: How to perceive, discuss, and organize for strategic change.
  • Generative Conversation: Building more strategic conversations that fulfill long-term needs, not just short-term problem solving.
  • Promise Leadership: Building and holding promises with stakeholders is the core to trust in leadership, and this model helps to clarify and organize the components into useful segments.
  • Mastery: How leaders can guide and support the building of competencies.
  • Adaptive Communication: Recognizing the communication preferences of those around us and adapting to them in a generative way.

We deliver strong models in succession planning, courageous conversation, effective feedback, project management, and other areas of conversation and action.