Language of Leadership

Nearly everything a leader does is accomplished through conversation. Just imagine what would be possible if you were 20 percent more effective in communicating your ideas than you are now. What amount of time in your schedule is spent in meetings? What if everyone on your team could speak and listen more critically to the dialogue that produces action most effectively? A life with meetings that end on time and accomplish what is needed is within your reach.

Much of the language that we were taught focuses on how to describe the world around us, build social constructs, and utilize grammar and syntax. Instead of that, we should view language as our primary, innate technology, a tool that can allow us to speak in a way that leverages complex and even, distant action. Our coaching and team facilitation of the use of the language of leadership will dramatically impact your clarity, your understanding of how commitments are formed, and your ability to manage breakdowns.  Stepping into courageous conversations will create the results you seek with more ease.

One client described this portion of our work as giving her “the keys to the kingdom.” Possibility, coordination, and conversations that leverage action all became available to her. All of that can become available for your team as well.