Somatic Coaching

Somatic leadership coaching is for individuals, teams and organizations that want to increase their capacity to access untapped potential and increase their leadership presence. Building this capacity requires a commitment and dedication to relevant practices over a period of time. Results do not come overnight.  Instead, this process involves continual transformation that creates possibilities for working in more effective coordination with enhanced communication; it produces results that make a difference to you, your peers, your organization, and your community.

The word “somatic” comes from the Greek word “soma,” meaning the living body in its entirety – muscles, tissues, motions, breath, movement, thoughts, sensations, and language. Coaching and leadership development have historically focused on developing intellect and altering behavior by rote. Blending somatics with leadership development is the missing link, clients learn what is deeply important to them and develop practices to support the wanted sustainable change.

Our clients say this about our somatic leadership coaching:

“We increased successful delivery of our strategic initiatives, over and over.”

“Our employees bring their whole selves to work.”

“We are now competent in managing unprecedented external events.”

“Making and implementing tough decisions is easier; we no longer wait until it is too late.”

“Our managers are now hiring the right people as a practice, not as an exception.”

“Having courageous conversations, while being centered, helps our executive interaction.”

“Silos are no longer an issue.”

“Our meetings are half what they were before and far more productive.”

“We really listen to each other now; we only thought we were before somatic work.”

Being the smartest person as a leadership move is becoming less attainable and sustainable in today’s fast-evolving world. Instead, discover how to access a presence that evokes curiosity, generates trust and readily engages others. Develop practices for increased resilience, take effective action and reduce stress. Your presence can become the most formidable and flexible leadership way of being.

The great news is that building and practicing somatic presence is learnable by anyone. Our somatic coaching addresses your individual concerns and needs in your leadership, creates and supports a plan for unique and sustainable growth and has lifelong impact.

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