Team Alignment

We may recall and long for those moments when our teams were operating well, coordinating actions, focusing on the same priorities, and being in the right conversations. In the midst of daily business, it is easy to slowly drift away from your goals until they seem to be out of reach. Our programs for teams help them to rebuild that sense of connectedness and mutual commitment, whether they feel a bit out of sync or are encountering major breakdowns in their ability to function well.

The Team Alignment program brings the members of teams together for purposeful conversations that lead to new practices to support their objectives. The richness of the conversations uncovers what’s below the surface in reference to concerns and perceptions. This “tune up” leaves the team reinvigorated and with a plan to stay more in tune.

The Team Advanced is a more extensive program that is intended to move the team to a new level of success. Many different models, such as courageous conversation and strategic change, are brought into play to support your team to face its issues and resolve them in a generative way. Often times, the pursuit of a significant new initiative, an important reorganization, or the merging of teams or cultures precipitates a team to struggle mightily. The team advanced may start with surface observations about issues and then it addresses deeper problems and builds a different sense of possibilities and opportunities for the team in the long run.

This may even include some unconventional but very pragmatic options such as our Land Rover Leadership Expedition, which has been described by attendees in this way: “I learned more about myself in leadership in this one day than I have in my 20-year career.” These events use the outdoors as a classroom setting linking the real-life requirements of moving trucks through rugged wilderness toward an objective in beautiful, scenic locals that support useful moods of hope and optimism. The expedition links team building with a clear understanding of how the participants communicate, relate, and adapt to one another in reference to leadership.