You are the living embodiment of your work. My expectations that my team could move together and have open dialog have been exceeded.

Ron Westad
CEO Arizona Federal Credit Union

Community America Credit Union began the process thinking it was just a plan to replace the CEO position. It has developed into much more and created a new aggressive goal for our future. The succession plan has opened the door to develop the necessary leadership skills to succeed.

Dennis Pierce
CEO CommunityAmerica Credit Union

“I have learned more about trust in the last 3 days than I have in 30 years in my career. I know how I impact trust, and how to move with others to build more trust.”

Alison Cook
CommunityAmerica Credit Union

“I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the time we spent last week. Your material was informative, practical and insightful as to how we can work better together and interact as a team. I really enjoyed the Jo and will keep practicing so that I will be more fluid when we have the opportunity to Jo again. It is revealing to me how I interact with others, and how I can make changes to be more effective.”

Alfi Bruno
State Department Federal Credit Union
EVP Finance &EDP (Retired)

“I am astonished at the process, of how it brings us together on the issues that really matter, and that we walk out of the room with something immediate and tangible to do different.”

Three months ago, I thought I was going to have to let go several of my executive managers. Now, they already are showing up more effective then when things became broke. We are able to trust like we never had before.”

Mark, I’ve tried to think of a way to say Thank you all day, but so far nothing describes my feelings. So until I can come up with the correct adjectives, verbs, nouns, etc., THANK YOU.

Ann Morgan
CommunityAmerica Credit Union

Thanks for the wonderful experience and the follow up (pictures are awesome!). I appreciate your, Deedee and Jennifer’s efforts in our growth and the program you are developing for us.

Erik Johnson
Director, Regional Sales
CommunityAmerica Credit Union

“A little celebration…I just a attended what is normally very controversial staff meeting about a topic we are all divided on how best to handle. – – – I kept my purpose and commitments in mind and got through the entire meeting without one breakdown. – – – My testimonial that this stuff works.”

I just love what you have done for me and how your help makes my life richer!

Ann Morgan
Director, Mortgage Services
CommunityAmerica Credit Union

“As I am moving decisions down to others, I am finding that the staff is generating some really good ideas. We are making more room for discretion, and this is helping shift our culture away from fear. People know that if they make a mistake, they will no longer have their head bitten off. And we are having a surprising results come through our audits as well: our error rate is going down, from 5 percent a year ago to 3.5 percent now. It shows me that people are taking more responsibility themselves. As people have greater say in their decisions, they are taking more accountability.”

Wayne Condi
VP Lending

“Our learnings from you, how we work as a team, are a competitive advantage for us.”

Mark Cooley
VP Finance
Arizona Federal Credit Union

Let me start by saying that I was extremely motivated and touched by the two day session that I recently attended. However, I did have some doubts about how what I learned would translate to my employees who did not attend the session. I was blown away when my first attempt to break out the coaching methods I had learned worked perfectly. It was a “home run,” as Mark put it in our session.

I have an employee who I really struggle to find common ground with, so much so that we barely speak during the work week. I figured she would be a good candidate to try out the skills that I had learned. I asked her a simple question, “what can we do together to get you to do public addresses?” At first she said. “I don’t know?” I waited a little bit, and before I knew it tears were streaming down her face. After that initial outpouring of emotion, we were discussing deeper, more meaningful issues than just PA’s. We really got a better understanding of where the other was coming from. This took place on a Monday, and by that Wednesday, our relationship had done a 180. Things are so much better with me and my employee. We are now meeting everyday to work on things that she doesn’t understand. I have gained so much confidence from addressing what appeared to be my biggest problem at my branch. Everything else seems more manageable now.

Moving forward, I need to focus on getting my stronger employees motivated to keep reaching for their full potential. Not just settling for completing their job requirements.

Thank you so much, all of you have made a great impact in my life.

Philip A. DiGiovanni
Liberty Branch Manager
CommunityAmerica Credit Union

About the Women’s Leadership Advance

I believe leadership can and should be taught. It is a learned experience. This opportunity can give you an enhanced sense of direction and purpose and will certainly make you more effective in your day to day responsibilities. You will be exposed to top-notch coaches and will experience a learning experience that will give you practical tools to improve your leadership. I have seen tremendous results in our organization because of this training and encourage you to commit the time to participate.

Dennis E. Pierce
CommunityAmerica Credit Union

The work of DDJ Myers has been extremely valuable to me both personally and professionally. As a female executive and a busy mother of three, I have been to able find work/life balance with my hectic schedule as a result of their leadership development skills.

Lisa Ginter, CCE
Chief Sales Officer
CommunityAmerica Credit Union

Thanks for that practice. It has really helped me keep on task especially with these coaching session that used to digress far more easily than they do now! Thanks for this. I truly appreciate the opportunity to learn this!

Kim Sass
Branch Manager
Bresette’s SunfreshCommunityAmerica Credit Union

I found the 2 day training very positive!! I cannot tell you how tired I was after the first day, lots of new information that I was trying to take in and soak up. The primary issues I am working on are not to problem solve, not to fill the silence w/ my chatter and focusing/centering myself.

Thank you for an enlightening 2 day event!

Robin R. Downs
Manager, Noland-Hyvee
Community America Credit Union

Thanks so much Dennis because by bringing these practices to me you have truly enriched my life at work and at home. It has been a life changing experience for me. I can easily say the leadership practices and the environment it has created has made CACU the place for me.

Lynn Reazin
Client Services
CommunityAmerica Credit Union

Thank you for allowing us the time to step outside our individual roles within the organization to develop as a team, learn from each other and enhance the internal resources that already exist to help us reach our personal and professional goals as individuals and as an organization. Those two days were very special and I learned more than I can express in a simple message

Leslie Stichka
Branch Manager
Ridgeview Hy-Vee

As it was my first experience, I tried to come in with an open mind, but admittedly there were some preconceived notions I held about what would be accomplished and the likely value I would find. What I found instead was that I walked away with far more than I ever expected and gained a much greater appreciation for some of my co-workers.

John Watts
CommunityAmerica Credit Union

At the end of today, I could sum my experience in one word, “aha!” In all my years of collegiate management and leadership courses, this is the one I got.

Arizona Federal

Good morning ladies, I just want to take a few minutes to express my gratitude for my entire experience last week. With your help I learned new things about myself and am proud of my participation and performance. I made mistakes in a safe environment and learned from both the successes and performances that could have been better. I have come home with a different calmness that is very comfortable, and at the same time very anxious to begin the work on my commitments. I have, and will continue, to practice centering, trusting the power within myself and am ready embrace the new opportunities that come my way. I am also a commitment to taking care of myself. All three of you have made a very positive impact on my life and for that you have my immense gratitude. You have all found the power within and have the enormous capacity to use it work towards the good of others. Each attendee received 100% of you and I can imagine that you must have been exhausted at the end of the week. I am honored for the opportunity to work with you and continue my leadership development. Thanks you again .

Alison Chamlet
Arizona State Credit Union
Speaking about WLA

Since returning, the funniest insight I have come up with is my analogy to The Wizard of OZ. I always hated what I interpreted as the theme of that story with the artifice that Dorothy needed to get the Red Slippers so that she could go home, only to find out that she could have gone home at any time if she just believed it. In listening to the stories of my compatriots, it seemed clear to me that each of them had what they needed and were in fact already doing what they set out to do. It was a revelation!

The other thing I learned is the accuracy of the testing I did with Mark! Holy cow! I was suspicious of how the rest results were validated, but with my own “database of one” (a quote from my sister who worked in advertising) I would have to say it was pretty much right on.

Thank you for all you have done to make Women’s Leadership Advance a reality.

Marquetta White
Board Member
Arizona State Credit Union

Thanks again to all of you for making last week another great opportunity in motivating and challenging me to move in becoming a stronger leader. As I reflected on Susie’s question on the way back to the airport – What was the high point and the low point of the week, I could only think of high points. It is really hard for me to define the “highest” point, but the two the really come to mind is walking across the log looking straight ahead and canoeing – I really felt like a tall poppy in this exercise with Alison.

Linda Boring
CommunityAmerica Credit Union

I want to start out by saying thank you for a very energizing and inspirational two days. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. Today I traveled to work with my “Joe”I am excited about the bright future that lies ahead of us as two great organizations form an alliance to become one phenomenal organization.

Linda Orton
Assistant Vice President
Midwest United Credit Union