Leadership Assessment

Leadership Assessment and the “C” Yourself Executive Leadership Program

In environments with rapid change, only those that are flexible, adaptable and productive will excel.  To do so we need to, as organizations, learn to tap into people’s commitment, create an organization of engaged employees and expand the learning capacity so employees are able to learn at all levels; in doing so we create and sustain Learning Organizations that speak and live a commitment to ongoing leadership assessment and development.

An observation we have, as an outcome of our work in recruitment and leadership and management programs for organizations, is organizations are ready to ship to create sustainable Learning Organizations.  Learning Organizations have increased capacity for visioning, effective action, surviving in chaos and developing and retaining talent. What we know is there are three pillars to being a leader that directly support a healthy vibrant organization:

  1. Smarts or Intelligence
  2. Competency and expertise in a certain domain such as finance, operations, lending
  3. Presence, the self we are

Most organizations do well with the first two pillars. There is a noticeable shift to pay more attention to the third pillar, Leadership Presence.   How we manage ourselves, how we lead from behind, how others are compelled to seek us out regardless of title, how we remain centered in the midst of chaos, how we organize and coordinate for success and the way we move with purpose knowing we are a positive difference in the world are all part of developing Leadership Presence.

Developing Leadership Presence is not sustainable through reading a book or seeing a Power Point; it comes from declaring the future we want, being in rigorous practices and receiving assessments from qualified and committed leadership coaches and mentors. To support bringing forth increased levels of leadership from within organization union DDJ Myers developed the “C” Yourself Executive Leadership Program. This program, designed for individuals who want to be exemplary leaders.  It is ideal for those aspiring to the C Level as chief financial officer, chief sales officer, chief risk officer, chief operations officer and chief executive officer, for example.

The C Yourself is 6 to 12 months, designed around the individual’s desired outcomes and includes:

  • Individual coaching calls
  • Onsite work at DDJ Myers
  • Field Work
  • Readings and writings
  • Online leadership assessments
  • Support from internal manager/coach
  • Summary report and recommendation

The C Yourself is for succession development, developing increased capacity for leaders and for individuals and teams. Contact Deedee Myers or Peter Myers if you want to know more the success of C yourself.