Organization Assessment

Gauging the progress of your organizations’ competency in achieving high performance is valuable information to know related to supporting strategic initiatives and daily support functions. To achieve sustainable high performance means your employees and leaders have a shared understanding of the organization’s mission, primary stakeholders and customers and a solid and mutual commitment to success. They also agree how to leverage organizational competency and the location of underperforming areas and sources of untapped potential.

DDJ Myers develops custom surveys that create evidence-based information in an organization assessment to inform you where and how your employees and leaders agree or disagree on actions supporting espoused values, understanding quality measures of performance and believing the boss and organization care about who they are as employees.

Our organization assessments provide you with meaningful data accompanied by dashboards of success factors and derailers so you have accessible information for reflection, speculation, possible shifting and action. We facilitate a thorough interpretation of data and analyses so you have actionable information in support of deploying resources effectively and creating opportunity for continual progress.

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