Organization Culture

The Way Culture is Today and the Way Our Organization Needs Culture Tomorrow

Culture is paramount to organization sustainability and health. In the culture conversation, we believe the following pieces are important:

  1. Culture is a way of being, the why and the way people behave in the structure of the organization, the types of conversations in which they engage and how they move in change or chaos;
  2. The becoming of an organization is how the organization learns and embodies beliefs, values and actions; how an organization learns derives from organizational culture and to how individuals within the organization learn, and;
  3. Each organization has a somatic shape cultivated over time and may or may not serve its current and future purpose.

Culture Study

DDJ Myers supports clients in understanding current culture, the way of being today, and how it formed, and supports the current organization. We facilitate conversation amongst your organization participants to, with intention, decide and act on your desired culture, what is becoming. Multiple modalities support this exploration including facilitated conversations, surveys, on-site observations, interviews and somatic assessments. We add the missing link, the human factor in organizations, through somatic assessments. Our subject matter experts assess the somatic shape of your organization culture and guide you to a deeper understanding on how culture forms.

Culture Experts

DDJ Myers facilitators, coaches and consultants, expertly trained and educated in theoretically sound organizational practices, have a distinct advantage of providing assessments on the somatic shape of your organization. The word “somatic” comes from the Greek word soma, meaning the living body in its entirety – muscles, tissues, motions, breath, movement, thoughts, sensations and language. An organization has its own version of a living body. Explicitly and implicitly, an organization, encourages, employees to conform to its unique belief system, way of thinking, feeling, using language, embodying organization vision and purpose and being in leadership. These contribute to the creation and sustainability of the somatic shape of an organization and the perception of a culture being open, closed, rigid, flexible, forgiving or not forgiving, for example.

Unique Advantage

Our culture assessment process is unique because it goes beyond the typical culture survey and report; accessing the living body of your organization, collecting this information and leveraging it to build a sustainable and healthy organization is priceless and a distinctive competitive competitive edge for your organization.

Please call us to learn more about our unique and innovative approach to culture studies.