Organization Design, on Purpose

Improve the probability of a creating and sustaining a healthy and successful organization. Organizations with people, information and technology integrated and organized around a common vision and purpose have a higher probability of success. The deeper the organization, its individuals and actions embody the same vision and purpose, greater ease, flexibility and resilience are accessible.

The foundation, the reason for being in existence, drives actions, moods and behaviors of individuals in your organization. The design of the organization is a way of organizing to fulfill on the vision and purpose of the organization. Your organization design should be uniquely suitable for your vision and purpose and not a copy or similar to others. Each organization has a unique purpose even in the same market offering similar products and services.

Connect with us to discuss how your organization design supports your strategy and fulfills on our vision and purpose. We will jointly explore, with you, which design is appropriate: hierarchical, flat, functional, division, networking or matrix. In exploring the design type, we support you in deciding elements of organic and mechanistic structures foundational to your organization purpose. In addition, decision-making structures, levels of authority are important elements in deciding your most effective organization structure.

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