Strategic Planning

If your organization needs an innovative approach to strategic planning, we can help you. Our process is exciting and actionable in its approach to articulating obvious energy, mining untapped energy and deciding goals to create a healthy and sustainable organization. This is definitely not a cookie cutter approach applied to every organization! Your organization is unique in its assets, both human and nonhuman, your distinct value, the goals you set, and your mission and response to external changes need to be meaningful to every employee and customer.

Our process includes the basics to ensure you are financially sound and able to maintain reserves as its stakeholders look forward and create a future narrative, identifying opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses. The DDJ Myers strategic planning team facilitates you authoring how to leverage your current base of competencies to brainstorm, evaluate and select strategies to empower and encourage every employee to utilize their competencies, gifts and talents every day.

We are masterful at facilitating those crazy sticky conversations that, when not brought out in the open, leave a dead horse in the room that derails a successful strategic planning process, up to 90% of the time. One tenet in successful strategic planning is every voice heard and everyone has a voice. When the team walks out of the room, there is full commitment and action. Chris Argyris (2010) writes about the danger of executives saying one thing, espoused theory, and taking different actions, theory-in-use. Our goal, as your strategic planning facilitator, is to ensure what your organization commits to is viable, plausible, has 100% commitment and leverages your unique value. We support you in designing practices to realize your plan and support organizational learning integral to strategic planning.

The DDJ Myers team guides you in distinguishing between operational effectiveness and strategy. As Michael Porter(1996) writes, operational effectiveness is necessary to maintain profitability but it is not enough. Existing competitors, and overnight sensation competitors, can easily imitate your operational effectiveness. We notice many organizations improving production and operational tools in the past few years, forgetting, and neglecting their true value proposition. Too many managers are taking incremental steps and forsaking opportunities to solidify the organization strategy for success.

If your organization needs to reconnect with strategy, stop or minimize compromising, and reenergize assets to produce a healthy and sustainable organization, we would like to be in conversation with you. Please connect with Deedee Myers or Mark Haeussler to start defining the new dream for your organization.