The temperature today was hot, 114 degrees, as I walked down the sidewalk to “Meet the Teacher.”  School starts tomorrow and my six youngest head off to 4th and 5th grade tomorrow morning.  Kids and parents talked with excitement, toddlers running ahead and the sound of the basketball in the court was awaking the school after a long hot summer.

The sidewalk seemed particularly long today, it seemed to go and on and I wondered if it would take me to the street on the other side of the playing field. Eventually, I reached the last building and the end of the sidewalk.  In that moment my heart seemed to open and fill my chest with something quite unfamiliar . . . a fleeting of time, a blink of an eye  . . . my twin daughters would enter secondary school next year.  The thought simultaneously filled me with a sense of terror and a sense of pride.  I knew in that moment that the next years would be full of change and the unfamiliar.  My heart was both sad and happy.  I opened the door and met the teacher.

Where does your sidewalk take you?  Are you stopping at the last building?  What is on the other side of the playing field?


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