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Recently I had the honor of facilitating a group conversation for 80 board members.  The topic was how to be seen as an engaged, committed, and high-performing board member.  The organizing principle used as the basis of conversation was the board is responsible for strategy, policy, and advocacy.  This list of 15 common sense behaviors is both simple and provocative especially in the context that boards have a high degree of potential turnover in the next three years, 35%. Email me your thoughts and I will keep the stream going.

  1. Believe in and advocate for the credit union
  2. Know the vision, mission, and strategic plan
  3. Passionately talk about the credit union
  4. Show appreciation
  5. Separate your personal and professional life from the work at the credit union
  6. Invite members to the annual meeting
  7. Update your black book list on potential board member nominees
  8. Read the packet and be prepared to ask strategic questions with a lens of helping
  9. Stay in your lane, focus on the big stuff
  10. Proactively and brilliantly participate in strategic planning
  11. Use the credit union products and services
  12. Step into difficult conversations with passion for the member
  13. Create your learning plan and take care of your board education requirements
  14. Proactively support board decisions
  15. Show up for your CEO
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