Every chief executive officer (CEO) wants superstars in his or her company. Superstars are high performers, innovative, creative, and they deliver outstanding results. Superstars are highly sought-after performers who make their managers look great.

If superstar employees are sporadically hired throughout the organization, there is the risk of a superstar mentality that creates isolationism. An entire department might end up revolving around one person rather than developing teams of people to be mutually accountable to deliver results. Teams of superstars step in for one another, are cross-trained, and live with norms of success for all.

Single superstars are difficult to retain if the team doesn’t have a superstar mindset. Superstars want to work for superstar companies that attract, develop, and acknowledge high performers throughout the organization.

Being a superstar means doing the hard work, being an ongoing learner, and demonstrating tenacity, problem-solving, and creativity. Superstars continually accessing potential are committed to performing excellent work, are honest to self, and display strong ethics and values. Superstars have above-average emotional intelligence, are optimistic, possess confidence and not arrogance, and, hustle to meet deadlines.

Ask these questions in your next human capital strategic conversation.

  1. Why would we want anything less than teams of superstars?
  2. What would be different if organizations were committed to hiring superstar employees in every role?
  3. What would be different if training and development were rigorous in creating learning organizations with embodied problem-solving, creativity, self-accountability, and empowered employees who use their talents and gifts?
  4. What would be different if we refused to hire anyone who does not demonstrate a superstar mindset and action?

Your next superstar employee is in two places. First, he or she probably already works for you and needs some coaching to advance to the next level. Second, if you look for superstars, they will come. Update your recruitment practices. Change the language in your job postings to welcome superstar employees. Finally, promise and deliver on ongoing learning and personal and professional growth.

Deedee Myers

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