Executive Compensation
and Evaluation

Compensation, Performance Metrics, and Executive Performance Evaluations

Support for constructing and adopting an executive peer-based compensation process: backed by unbiased research from a wide range of resources.

Executive Compensation and Evaluation

DDJ Myers delivers comprehensive compensation research.
Connect actions and outcomes to compensation.

Compensation Data for Decisions

  • Executive competitive data
  • Short-term incentives plans
  • Long-term incentive plans
  • Guidance on retirement plan options

Performance Metrics

  • Decision-making tools
  • Critical strategic initiatives connected
  • Qualitative component with director discretion

Executive Evaluation Process

  • State of the art
  • Includes qualitative and quantitative methods
  • Context relevant and generative
  • Delivered with an interactive dashboard

Use DDJ Myers expertise to support your board.

  • Simplify the board decision-making process.
  • Receive vetted compensation data.
  • Understand industry compensation norms.
  • Know executive-peer compensation standards.
  • Leverage recommended professional development areas.
  • Focus on the right conversation.

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