Creating and Sustaining a High Performing Board.

Every credit union should be lead by an effective and high-performing board which is collectively responsible for the success of the members. In this presentation, we discuss how to create and sustain a high performing board.

  • What do the stakeholders expect from the credit union and the board in its oversight role?
  • What does the CEO expect from the board in terms of governance, decision making, strategic oversight and succession planning?
  • How does your Chair define quality participation of the board?
  • How does your Chair define quality participation of the CEO?
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Board Succession Planning – Where & When to Start

2014 CUES Directors Conference – Roundtable Discussion

Why is Board Succession Planning an important discussion topic?

  • The average age of Directors is 63
  • Retention is difficult
  • It is important to find the best and brightest minds
  • Thought and mission continuity – core philosophy
  • Canadian regulators mandate succession
  • Rigors of getting trained
  • Financial literacy requirements and training
  • Time commitments
  • Certification?
  • Committee vs. Education

Questions for discussion:

  1. What do we hope to achieve with board succession planning?
  2. What are our succession planning philosophy and policy? Is it tied with the strategic plan?
  3. Who should lead the process? Who should be involved?
  4. Who should be on our board? Why?
  5. How would term limits enable/inhibit our ability to best serve our current and future membership?
  6. Is board compensation something we should consider?
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Determining Your Leadership Style

As a leader, you are more than your values, beliefs, and behavior. You are a pattern. You are a storybook consisting of three dimensions:

•  The past is the history
•  The present moment is the center of being and action
•  The future is the trajectory of our felt imagination

In this presentation, we investigate what drives your leadership and life. How does it affect you and those around you in the board room, on committees, in conversation with your CEO, and in strategic dialogue?

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