Orlando, FL or Burbank, CA
Members Served: 180,346


Partners Federal Credit Union (Partners) is conducting a nationwide search for its next chief executive officer (CEO). Partners is a single-sponsor credit union offering membership to the employees and cast members of The Walt Disney Company (Disney) and its subsidiaries. Disney touches the hearts and minds of generations of people worldwide, its audiences are rapidly diversifying, and new generations are shaping the nature of its work. Changes in society are having an increasing impact on employees everywhere, while changes in the retail banking and financial services landscape are accelerating. Partners focuses on delivering unmatched value and service to its membership and requires an exemplary CEO to lead the prestigious organization.

This CEO will be a proactive partner with the board of directors on vision, mission, and strategy and create, monitor, and manage strategic alignment. This role requires a futuristic, forward-thinking leader to continually ensure the organization is ready to meet tomorrow’s needs and pivot to serve the membership and targeted members. The CEO will proactively engage with Disney to optimize opportunities and cultivate relationships. An essential part of the role is acting as a stable foundational leader to embody and broadcast the sponsor organization’s brand and organizational presence through member engagement in financial products and services.

The CEO role requirements include the following. 

  • Demonstrating leadership in strategic planning, growth strategies, visioning, operating and capital budgets, mergers, joint ventures, and organizational and operational oversight.
  • Proactively driving a diverse culture, coaching, and leading a leadership team to maintain a positive working environment. 
  • Demonstrating proactive engagement in the sponsor community and industry.
  • Understanding and building relationships with the board of directors to support generative governance. 

Requirements include and are not limited to the following.

  • Demonstrated visionary and strategic thinking expertise.
  • Strong working knowledge in finance, human resources, marketing, public relations, data, digital marketing, and technology. Cross-functional expertise and the ability to lead a high-performing leadership team with competence in financial management, enterprise risk management, strategic use of technology (including Omni channels), strategic credit and investment portfolios, and strategic branding and marketing, including big data analytics. 
  • Ability and competency to design and implement, as needed, a merger and acquisition strategy that supports the credit union’s strategic plan. 
  • Proven experience in developing relationships within the sponsor organization.
  • Demonstrated successful experience in driving a diverse culture to serve a diverse membership.
  • Employee development, succession planning, and mentoring expertise with a proven track record. 
  • Demonstrated strategic planning, budget and capital allocation plans, and successful implementation of such plans.
  • Ability and competency as the credit union ambassador to align the external brand with the internal culture. 
  • Proven ability to collaborate with the board of directors, management, staff, and members.
  • Forward-thinking leadership to anticipate and lead the credit union successfully and adapt when necessary.

Qualified candidates will receive more detailed information. The CEO can reside in either Florida or California.

The position offers competitive compensation and benefits. 

DDJ Myers is the executive search consultant for this organization. Our expertise is in supporting leadership teams in sustainable practices for high-performing organizations through succession planning, leadership development programs, executive coaching, board governance and renewal, strategic planning, and executive search. Please learn more about us at www.ddjmyers.com.

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