Grand Blanc, MI

The credit union’s CEO embraces the ability to be a connector, networker, and influencer to the community and is passionate about the organization’s mission. The CEO creates a strong and healthy corporate culture that engages employees, creates wealth for members, and is the credit union’s face. The CEO must possess a strong presence and leadership in the community and with the membership. 

The CEO will work closely with the board to fulfill the strategic plan and vision of the credit union ensuring financial soundness/stability through ongoing strategic planning, thinking, and working with the executive staff. A demonstrated understanding of the financial and accounting areas, marketing, operational functions, and proven experience in quick decision-making leading to maximizing revenue and containing costs is a must. The CEO will demonstrate a “can do” attitude and is achievement-oriented making quick and effective decisions to move the organization ahead. The CEO will use resources wisely and to the credit union’s advantage. 

The CEO protects what the credit union currently has and future growth keeping a balance between financial obligations and membership needs. 

The CEO will encourage productive employee relationships, create a collaborative leadership model, and ensure the credit union’s policies are uniformly understood, correctly interpreted, and administered by subordinates. They will attract, retain, and develop people to build a strong team by understanding the talents and interests of those around them as well as their own strengths and limitations to delegate tasks accordingly. The CEO will provide leadership and guidance to the executive team for CEO succession planning and navigate employee relations during the CEO transition. 

The CEO will embrace the credit union’s culture and build on the strengths and identify weaknesses to further the credit union’s success. Collaboration with the board for strategic visioning is imperative to bring imagination and vision to how the credit union acts and moves forward. The CEO will be forward thinking toward expansion in new markets, growth of membership, and continuously strive to inspire and propel individuals and projects to their highest potential. The CEO must also demonstrate reflective, purposeful decision-making processes. 

The CEO applies experience and insight regarding others, demonstrates empathy and effective listening skills, and communicates effectively with internal and external constituents, the board, and staff. They will promote a sense of unity and teamwork and consider the perspectives of others. The CEO will project self-assurance and unwavering confidence, make tough decisions, share credit for accomplishments, seek constructive criticism, and acknowledge mistakes and limitations. Knowledge of technology and digital trends is imperative to advance the credit union and a demonstrated agility in challenging, complex, or ambiguous situations is desirable. 


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