Union Bank and Trust
$200M Assets (on average)
$10B Trust Assets
Minneapolis, Minnesota  

Unwavering commitment to excellence

Founded by 24 construction and trade unions in 1976, Union Bank & Trust (UBT) is one of the only organizations in the country that is owned and controlled by the same members that created it more than 40 years ago. UBT takes pride in its legacy of championing the needs of working individuals, catering to its members’ long-term requirements and financial stability while being dedicated to fostering relationships with local businesses and organizations that play an essential role in supporting and enriching our communities.

UBT seeks a progressive and strategic executive as its next Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The board of UBT is looking for an exceptional and dynamic leader who will take a strategic and visionary approach to day-to-day operations and long-term planning while providing leadership and oversight for the bank and trust administration. The CEO must be able to guide the organization with a new vision and mission and further establish its competitive advantage in the current and new markets. The CEO should have strong interpersonal skills and be prepared to build strong relationships with senior management, staff, members, and the community. 

The ideal candidate will build a collaborative partnership with the board of directors, contributing creativity and a forward-thinking vision for the organization. UBT is well-positioned for future growth, and the CEO will strategically guide the bank towards its future trajectory. Leveraging UBT’s strong community presence offers an excellent opportunity for the CEO to drive the bank’s expansion and growth. With a keen understanding of industry dynamics, the CEO will interpret and convey market insights to the board, balancing risk and reward while championing innovative strategies and upholding fiduciary soundness.

What you bring to the role:
You are a strategic and futuristic thinker responsible for overseeing UBT’s financial health and providing actionable insights the organization can use to make effective decisions, improve the bank’s performance, and seize new opportunities. Other attributes include: 

  • Performance-driven and able to produce measurable results.
  • The ability to evaluate the organization’s structure and talent and to build, maintain, and develop a solid senior management team.
  • Foster a culture of innovation and forward-thinking strategies to navigate market dynamics.
  • Develop and execute comprehensive plans for the bank’s expansion and continued success.
  • Strengthen relationships within the community to drive growth opportunities and enhance the bank’s presence.
  • Establish a cohesive alliance with the board of directors to drive transformative change and ensure fiduciary soundness.
  • Leverage a deep understanding of industry dynamics to effectively interpret and communicate market insights, balancing risk and reward.
  • Cultivate a culture of teamwork and cooperation, encouraging collective efforts towards shared goals.
  • Strong knowledge of financial institution operational procedures and compliance.
  • Strong knowledge of trust accounting and investment functions.
  • Thorough understanding of financial institution financial statements, performance metrics, and the impact of institutional processes and policies.
  • Proven experience evaluating processes and partnering with business leaders.
  • Superior business acumen with the ability to customize and analyze potential and existing member needs and strategies to project future financial success.
  • Model the desired culture and values of UBT.

Skills and Experience:

  • Minimum ten years experience in a senior leadership role in a financial institution.
  • A bachelor’s degree in business administration, finance, accounting, or a related field is required. Master’s degree preferred.
  • Proven ability to achieve strategic objectives through subordinate managers and staff.
  • Thorough knowledge of bank or trust products, services, features, and benefits.
  • Must be located in or around Minneapolis, Minnesota, or willing to relocate.

About Union Bank and Trust:
Union Bank & Trust provides Banking and Trust services both locally and nationally in a safe and sound manner by complying with all banking regulations and laws. The institution offers a safe place for all employees to work and give back to the communities we serve while providing a fair return on our stockholder’s investment.

We hold all employees and managers accountable for demonstrating the Values with customers and one another. No one Value is more important than another; rather, they — together — represent who we are at UBT. Our Values are critical to our success — and that of our customers and the communities we serve: People, Passion, Performance, Quality, Innovation, and Integrity.

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