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First Entertainment Credit Union
$1.4B Assets
Hollywood, CA

First Entertainment Credit Union is seeking a Dynamic Team Leader steeped in Loan Operations experience and knowledgeable of seamless digital lending products. This growing and very well capitalized credit union is looking to transform their lending department to meet the digital age. The digital experience is to become the credit union’s organizing principle and a frictionless offer. Product development primarily focused on the electronic product delivery and then modified to the physical delivery channels, rather than the traditional model of the physical delivery limiting what is possible in the digital domain. For a well-qualified candidate, this role could have upward mobility and be seen as part of the succession plan.

As the Chief Lending Officer, you will oversee the loan operations division (origination; processing, underwriting; asset oversight) with a focus on the digital transition and implementation and emphasis on objectives through people with enthusiasm and persuasion, coupled with critical thinking and challenge-oriented. The skills needed for success include goal orientation, leadership, teamwork, influencing, employee development, self-starting, and creativity. A strong self-regard and interpersonal relationship skills are needed to support direct communications with the CEO and other stakeholders and in enrolling others to pursue growth.

Experience in lending in any financial organization and active leadership supported by leadership development is required. A minimum of five to seven years of mid-level or higher experience sitting at the executive table and production of observable strategic outcomes is expected. The role needs strong data analytic skills to best match products with the members/customers along with the strong people skills. A bachelor’s degree is required along with demonstrated continuous learning.

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