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Vice President, Information Technology
Sun East Federal Credit Union
$520M Assets
Aston, PA

Sun East Federal Credit Union is seeking a Vice President – Information Technology to serve as a member of its executive team and to lead the information services of the organization.  This role will take on the role of not just technology executive, but also as a strategic partner within the organization who can link technology with the business objectives.  The role will provide vision and insight into the development and implementation of the IT strategic plan, demonstrating leadership and driving competitive capability through innovation and technology solutions.  . The organization has recently performed a system core conversion to Symitar-Episys, and experience in leveraging this platform is important such that the organization can most effectively leverage its capabilities going forward.

The culture is friendly, mutually supportive, and accountable for success, and the successful candidate will be one who brings strong teamwork skills, a fervent customer focus for the internal and external customers of information technology, in balance of goal-orientation.  In addition, the successful candidate will have strong leadership skills, particularly in how they adapt approaches and decisions in such a way to support the success of all stakeholders.  You will be expected to cross-functionally collaborate, seek out the needs of all internal and external users, and proactively make recommendations. Strong employee coaching skills are needed to advance the existing talent to greater success and participation in decisions, and this executive must model personal accountability.

The role participates in board meetings and will make presentations to the board on a regular schedule; in addition, this vice president will attend pricing, ALCO and annual strategic planning meetings.  A bachelor’s degree is required and a master’s degree or a strong history of ongoing learning are added preferences.

Compensation and benefits are competitive. 

Sun East was chartered in 1949 as the result of Sun Oil Company employees banding together to assist each other with their financial needs. From these humble beginnings, Sun East has grown to $520 million in assets, serving the financial needs of more than 43,000 members throughout Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Consistent with its not-for-profit status, Sun East leadership and the organization are involved in their communities, and give-back in significant ways.

To submit your confidential resume and learn more about the position, please click here or call (800) 574-8877.