August 6, 2019 . . . Mary Leonardi, a highly regarded executive search consultant, and human resources professional, joins DDJ Myers, Ltd, effective July 29, 2019, as Vice President of Executive Search Services. 

Mary is a seasoned and proven professional with over three decades of experience creating unique approaches in talent acquisition, staff and executive-level human resource consultation, employee development, and succession planning. Her value proposition includes varied talent administration experience in building senior leadership teams and consulting expertise. 

Mary has completed searches for many of the largest financial services companies and credit unions in the industry, having worked with top banking, real estate insurance, and healthcare companies across the United States. Roles included C-Suite CEO, CXO, CFO, CLO, CMO positions, and functional areas such as finance, marketing, sales, and human resources. This wide range of experience has made her a powerhouse in areas of human resources and executive recruitment and retention strategies within the broad financial services industry. Her history of building senior teams nationwide for financial services clients and C-suite executive search placements highlights her ability to exceed clients’ expectations, and many clients continually seek her expert consultation. 

“Mary uses a holistic approach to serving clients that blend well with our philosophy of client relationships,” says Deedee Myers, CEO. “Her experience, expertise, reputation, and commitment partner well with our strategic vision and commitment to the sustainability of relationships.” Mary’s background and expertise complement the work of DDJ Myers today and with our new services in surveys, assessments, compensation analysis, strategic planning, and succession planning. 

About DDJ Myers
Founded in the ‘80s as an executive search firm, DDJ Myers has supported high-performing organizations for more than 30 years with its executive development, succession planning, and strategic planning services. DDJ Myers is a highly respected resource for organizations seeking or adopting healthy and sustainable leadership practices for high performance. We support clients through evidence-based succession planning; leadership development programs with highly credentialed executive and leadership coaches; best practices for board governance, development, and renewal; creative, strategic planning processes; CEO and executive compensation review; and executive search and recruitment, from branch managers through board rooms.

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