Deedee Myers, PhD, MSC, PCC, CHIC
Founder & CEO

Deedee Myers is founder and CEO of DDJ Myers, Ltd. and co-founder of the Advancing Leadership Institute. For the past 20 years, she has been passionate about establishing and developing humans to thrive in any economic environment. During the past several years her Succession Planning and Leadership Development offer has been highly regarded in as both innovative and best practices. Through the Advancing Leadership Institute Deedee works with executives and managers so they live in their potential and, in doing so, show up as a more valuable offer to their organization and community. Deedee also leads a thriving recruitment practice, started in 1989 with emphasis on market risk management and asset/liability management supports.

Deedee is a frequent speaker, facilitator and published author on leadership and management development. The coaching and consulting team she assembled has created and facilitated leadership plans and programs in the United States and international markets through community programs or within structured organizations.   The Women’s Leadership Advance, a pinnacle leadership program for women was pioneered by Deedee and was  featured in a Land Rover publication.  Deedee recently finished contributing to CUES Succession Planning Essentials, a publication detailing best practices in succession planning with models and sample plans and templates.

Her undergraduate degree, with honors, was earned from Arizona State University with studies in International Business and Russian Language and Culture, she received her Master Somatic Coach certification from Strozzi Institute,  is a certified in Organizational Development from Linkage, Inc. and is certified leadership coach from Hudson Institute with emphasis on Succession Planning.  In her past she established international business operations in Southeast Asia and the United Kingdom.

As a student of change in organizations, Deedee is co-authoring The Seasons of Change based on the core module for the Advancing Leadership Institute.  She recently did work with the Amputee Coalition of America at their annual conference on re-purposing as an amputee.

On a personal note, Deedee has nine children including twins and quadruplets, is a former marathoner, ultra-marathoner and tri-athlete.  When in the early stages of her career Deedee often heard that her ambitions were too high because she was born with a congenital amputation of her left arm.  Early in life, Deedee became passionate about each person feeling valued and being seen as valued. The work she brings to the world is an example of her belief that every person can make a difference.