We believe all individuals, teams and organizations have the ability to be successful. We believe that success happens on purpose, with commitment and practice. We believe that every organization needs a coach, facilitator, consultant or talent recruiter with depth of expertise and experience. We want to be that resource for you.

Today’s successful organizations experience success for a moment, or two, and then look for what still needs to be learned or relearned, what talent is needed for sustainability and the structure, systems and processes needed for success in the future. If we wait until tomorrow to redesign or transform our organization for tomorrow’s needs, we have missed opportunity. We believe that organizations that continue to question, to express curiosity and look for learning opportunities possess greater capacity for long-term success.

Creating and sustaining a healthy organization is not easy in today’s degree of complexity. Some organizations do quite well in the tension between ease and complexity. They make and implement decisions and readily move into effective action. And, they learned how to be this kind of organization through exploration, commitments and effective action. This is the work we enjoy and we do it well.

DDJ Myers offers you Executive Recruitment, Strategic Organization and the Advancing Leadership Institute. Executive Recruitment has star performers who guide you through benchmarking your roles, and locating and hiring the best possible talent. Strategic Organization has experienced and quality talent with education and expertise in organization design, strategic planning and systems design and implementation. The Advancing Leadership Institute exemplifies leadership development and facilitation integrated with your strategy, system architecture and current and changing business models and culture.

We welcome your call to explore trends, discuss possibilities for you, or have a conversation about what we see in best practices.

Deedee Myers, CEO of DDJ Myers