Advancing Leadership

Empower individuals and teams with the ability to envision, strategize, plan, and implement, coordinate, and collaborate. Through Advancing Leadership, DDJ Myers guides participants to identify, locate, and generate resources necessary for their organizations to be sustainable and healthy and to maximize their potential.

The primary purpose of Advancing Leadership is to increase capacity, coordination, and strategic execution among individuals and teams and across organizations.

Creating sustainable and healthy organizations is not an overnight phenomenon. Committing to doing what is right and developing compelling practices to support the embodiment of beliefs and actions require support and guidance. DDJ Myers’ Advancing Leadership provides rich and diverse programs for leadership development, transformative change, the merging of cultures, and team alignment. It is steeped in the language of leadership because language influences actions and leadership effectiveness. We engage experienced coaches who have studied and teach at coaching, leadership, and business programs. Each is a master of our models and a master in the art of listening. Our coaching is founded on the belief that each one of your leaders is whole and able, ready to launch to a new level of mastery. Our promise is that new conversations, new perspectives, and new actions will result.

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Executive Coaching

At the leadership level, executive coaching customizes learning into sustainable commitments and practices.
Professionals benefit from learning and developing their competencies with executive coaches. Our team of coaches, all of whom are certified through the International Coach Federation, provides an outside resource and perspective for executives to perceive themselves clearly, engage in internal courageous conversations, and build specific plans to achieve the leadership growth needed to support the growth of others.

We look forward to discuss your executive coaching needs.

Leadership Development

Build a team of high performers. Leverage your high potentials now. Build coordination and wipe out silos. Realize a sustainable balance.
Leadership is about making things happen, and in any endeavor you need to optimize not just your organization’s resources but the people leading as well. Every individual, team, and organization presents a unique sum of assets, liabilities, and possibilities. DDJ Myers will create a new level of best practices for your team through a custom program to advance leadership to meet the future.

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Advanced Leadership Program

Preparing today’s leaders for tomorrow is the purpose of the Advanced Leadership Program (ALP). The award-winning ALP empowers and engages participants to enhance their competencies, strategic orientation, and productive relationships with peers, executives, and staff. The cohort-based ALP facilitates learning and applying leadership practices aligned with strategic execution, as demonstrated by the real-life examples and perspectives of program participants shared in this document. The experiences of these participants illustrate how the program integrates with the leadership development efforts of a single business entity or is seeded across multiple organizations.

The ALP is delivered in two location; the Pacific Northwest and Phoenix, AZ. The curriculum equips participants with the skills and knowledge to:

  • Understand and navigate change strategically
  • Apply executive-level communication in their daily work and coordination
  • Learn how to develop, pitch, and enact projects that directly connect to strategic priorities
  • Propose increases or changes in job responsibilities and authority to the relevant constituencies, including their respective executives and peers
  • Enter into challenging yet constructive feedback conversations 
  • Attain a greater degree of self-clarity of their skills, experience, mental faculty, and leadership presence
  • Create a leadership development plan that provides a roadmap for continuing to learn and grow as more capable and purposeful leaders
  • Present a complex project with strategically relevant KPIs succinctly and compellingly to an executive audience

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DDJ Myers awarded the 2021 NAFCU Services Innovation Award for the Virtual Emerging Leaders (VELP) Program. 

Transformative Change

Transformation is challenging and profound, necessitating meaningful commitment to embody new practices that support the organization you want.
Transformation naturally challenges your embedded practices that once worked well but now need to be tested, assessed, and rethought. Changing how you do business is a transformation in leading, managing, and organizing. It involves new, even radical ways of generating customer satisfaction, innovating, inspiring a competitive advantage, and generating profits.

Our models make new leadership commitments and practices accessible, offer varied approaches, and support building competency in creating a learning environment. People become self-generative in their new leadership and capacity to self-observe, self-correct, and self-adapt.

Contact us to discuss how to craft a new vision for your organization.

Language of Leadership

Nearly everything a leader does is accomplished through conversation.
Imagine what would be possible if you could become 20 percent more effective in communicating your ideas. What if everyone on your team could speak and listen more critically to the dialogue that produces effective action? A life with meetings that accomplish what is needed (and end on time!) is within your reach. Our coaching and team facilitation on using the language of leadership will dramatically impact your clarity, your understanding of how commitments are formed, and your ability to manage breakdowns. Stepping into courageous conversations will create the results you seek with more ease. One client even described this portion of our work as giving her “the keys to the kingdom.”

To discuss how the language of leadership can improve your team’s interactions and outcomes, contact us.

Innovative Models

People rely on models to make sense of complex situations and coordinate actions.
We develop unique, accessible, and pragmatic models that help navigate leadership, supporting teams in their conversations, accountabilities, and actions. Our popular models include:

  • The Seasons of Organization: Perceiving, discussing, and organizing for strategic change.
  • Generative Conversation: Building more strategic conversations that fulfill long-term needs, not just short-term problem solving.
  • Promise Leadership: Building and holding promises with stakeholders as the core to trust in leadership.
  • Mastery: Guiding and supporting leaders in building competencies.
  • Adaptive Communication: Recognizing communication preferences and adapting to them in a generative way.

Let’s talk about these and other strong models in succession planning, courageous conversation, effective feedback, and project management.

Somatic Coaching

Somatic leadership coaching is for individuals, teams, and organizations that want to increase their capacity to access untapped potential and increase their leadership presence.
The word “somatic” comes from the Greek word soma, meaning the living body in its entirety, including muscles, tissues, motions, breath, movement, thoughts, sensations, and language. Coaching and leadership development have historically focused on developing intellect and altering behavior by rote. Blending somatics with leadership development is the missing link, as you learn what is deeply important and develop practices to support sustainable change. Discover how to access a presence that evokes curiosity, generates trust, and readily engages others. Develop practices for increased resilience, take effective action, and reduce stress.

Call us today to find out how your presence can become the most formidable and flexible leadership way of being.

Merging Cultures

Oftentimes, culture manages to insinuate itself into a team and organization without receiving significant attention and care until cultures are merged through a combination, reorganization, or new leadership.
The result can be cultures that compete and, worse yet, prompt antagonism. Research shows that the primary reason for failure in a merger is the inability to adequately consider the impact of culture.

We believe that culture is something that is led, not followed. Our work in merging cultures begins with a cultural assessment to determine which components are supporting engagement and where there is conflict. We facilitate dynamic conversations to identify useful and meaningful components of culture that support the organization’s larger purpose. We want everyone on a team to understand how to take action in support of the culture, and we will guide productive discussions that encourage common practices. Our work in merging cultures has helped organizations significantly reduce the time it takes to integrate their people into one productive, successful team.

Is your organization planning a merger? Contact us today to optimize the integration of your most valuable resource—your people.

Team Alignment

Our programs for teams help to rebuild a sense of connectedness and mutual commitment.
Are your teams a bit out of sync or encountering major breakdowns in their ability to function well? The Team Alignment program brings the members of teams together for purposeful conversations that lead to new practices to support their objectives. The richness of the conversations uncovers what’s below the surface in reference to concerns and perceptions. This “tune-up” leaves teams reinvigorated and with a plan to stay more in tune.

Team Advanced is a more extensive program intended to move your team to a new level of success. Many different models, such as courageous conversation and strategic change, are brought into play to support your team to face its issues and resolve them in a generative way. Often times, the pursuit of a significant new initiative, an important reorganization, or the merging of teams or cultures results in a team floundering. Team Advanced can help your employees move from surface observations about issues to address deeper problems and build a different sense of possibilities and opportunities for the team in the long run.

Accountability in Action

Accountability is a major topic in organizations today and is at the heart of the effort to empower people to demonstrate initiative, take effective action, and act responsibly.
When a culture embodies accountability, the organization run smoothly; conversely, when a culture does not promote accountability, it is susceptible to a pattern of repetitive breakdowns. DDJ Myers employs an evidence-based model to help you organize language and behaviors around agreed-upon standards of accountability.

Our widely used Promise Leadership model is a resource for conversations and actions at all levels in organizations, in project planning, and in designing and fulfilling commitments. This model applies systems theory to support individuals and teams in terms of deciding what is really needed, how to successfully communicate those needs, and how to provide feedback effectively, all while maintaining dignity and respect. When adopted as an organizational practice, the Promise Leadership model builds and increases trust and respect, reduces stress, and enhances the successful implementation of initiatives.

We look forward to sharing more of this outstanding accountability model. Contact us today.


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