We Are

DDJ Myers advances leadership development and strategic execution in partnership with our clients in financial services, health care, and other business sectors.
Our diverse team of subject matter experts honors authenticity, personal values, and purpose-driven work, aligning actions and beliefs as a core practice. We apply our extensive experience and commitment to continual learning in serving a client base that includes credit unions, banks, credit card companies, health care organizations, and insurance providers.
We are passionate about our roles as:

  • Knowledge seekers: we study and engage in best practices in leadership, recruitment, and organizational consulting.
  • Innovators: we have created and continue to hone practical models that support ease in understanding concepts and effective action in recruitment, succession planning, and leadership.
  • Listeners: we give our full attention to the concerns and contexts of our clients and customize our efforts to meet their needs.
  • Speakers: we are sought-after presenters on leadership, communication, presence, emotional intelli- gence, recruitment, and strategic and succession planning.
  • Students: we are dedicated and enthusiastic learners, with multiple degrees and certifications ranging from business management to somatic leadership. Our leadership coaches are teachers at major coaching institutes.
  • Change agents: we work toward specific observable outcomes and expect to be held accountable for our commitments.
  • Caring human beings: we are committed to ensuring dignity in all relationships.
We are committed and involved in our communities.

  • Education/schools: we donate time tutoring in classrooms and teaching leadership communication principles to teachers.
  • Health care: we contribute to individuals’ health and well-being by volunteering in children’s hospitals and working with amputees.
  • Financial cooperatives: we lend our expertise to small, undercapitalized credit unions that operate in underserved markets.
  • At-risk individuals: we are foster parents, adoptive parents, and sponsors of political and war refugees from the Middle East and East Africa.
  • Local engagement: we take part in hands-on community efforts, ranging from graffiti busting to volunteering as an EMT.
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