Robyn McCulloch, MS, PCC, MSC

VP of Action Learning Technologies


“My Purpose is to Cultivate Enlightened Power” – Robyn McCulloch

As a global visionary leadership coach and consultant, Robyn McCulloch’s background extends into domestic and international business start-ups, intercultural communication, and facilitation of action-learning processes. Spanning three decades, her expertise includes executive coaching, leadership presence, emotional competence, organizational transformation, and team facilitation. Robyn’s unique offer is steeped in principles of Appreciative Inquiry, integral to sustainable change.

Robyn partners with individuals and organizations to create exceptional opportunities for strategic planning, leadership retreats, and adventures into unknown territories. Clients in Southeast Asia, Europe, and North America–executives, high-performing teams, social entrepreneurs, and small business leaders–claim she is energetic, thought-provoking, innovative, dynamic, and results-oriented.

A masterful strategic planning facilitator, Robyn’s skillful integration of embodied leadership practices immersed in appreciative intelligence and interpersonal neurobiology result in a unique approach to sustainable change for revitalizing teams, mobilizing whole systems in participant-led change, or facilitating action-learning processes. Most recently, Robyn facilitated Nos Aruba 2025, where she developed an innovative National Integrated Strategic Plan for the sustainable development of the island of Aruba through citizen engagement.

As a Leadership Coach, Robyn is trained and certified as an Executive and Organizational Coach at the internationally renowned Hudson Institute and as a Master Somatic Coach by the Strozzi Institute. She completed a Master’s degree in Recreation Administration at California State University, Sacramento, also alma mater for her Bachelor of Science in Therapeutic Recreation. She is an active member of the New Mexico Chapter of the International Coaches Federation. Living true to her core values, she devotes time exploring and protecting wild places.

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