Board Development
Enhance the ability of your board to forge a productive partnership with the CEO and executive team, to effectively oversee financial performance and business outcomes, and to positively influence the organizational culture.
Our focus in board development is on enhancing director recruitment and training, governance, and oversight and guidance of the CEO’s performance.
Our services and team have intentionality to be both focused and flexible with the end purpose of guiding your organization to be successful and healthy.

Governance and Board Development

Board leaders must be exemplary as fiduciaries and strategic thinkers in a framing context of what is possible for both risks and rewards.

We recommend that boards use an external resource to support and guide them in adopting and defining best practices so that directors fully understand their role in governing as the organization continues to grow in size and complexity. When governance is used as a leadership framework by being understood, agreed to, and effectively implemented, the end result is the highest-performing board in decision making and oversight. A viable governance leadership framework is paramount to sustaining a high-performing organization.

DDJ Myers offers board development and governance facilitation and guidance that are critical to effective action, relevant commitments, and productive conversations. Our role is to understand your organization, the board’s leadership goals, opportunities for applying effective practices, and ways in which individual directors can best add value to the board team.

Our projects include board and individual assessments, interviews, facilitated deliberate dialogue, board leadership models, and much more. In recognition of our in-depth experience in theoretical, practical, and transformative change with board leadership, the DDJ Myers team recently received the Innovation Award from NAFCU Services for our Transformative Change Model for Boards.

Strategic Planning

Does your organization need an innovative boost in strategic planning?

Our process is exciting and actionable in its approach to articulating obvious energy, mining untapped ideas, and deciding goals to create a healthy and sustainable organization. Your organization’s unique assets, both human and nonhuman, distinct value, goals, mission, and response to external changes need to be meaningful to every employee and customer.

The DDJ Myers strategic planning team facilitates authoring how to leverage your current base of competencies to brainstorm, evaluate, and select strategies to empower and encourage every employee to use their competencies, gifts, and talents every day. We can facilitate transformative change in your organization through strategic planning by guiding your leadership to:

  1. Know what happens when the organization works at its best.
  2. Build on its strengths (the positive core).
  3. Discover emerging opportunities from the current base of business.
  4. Visualize goals and strategic alternatives.
  5. Identify enabling objectives.
  6. Design strategies and tactics that are integrated with the organization’s most successful programs.
  7. Implement a dynamic, continuous, and living strategic plan.
  8. Practice capacity building in the organization.
  9. Design actions to work toward the best possible future.

Succession Planning and Employee Development

Organizational risk related to people strategies is top of mind for high-performing organizations.

The principals of DDJ Myers have researched and studied succession planning, organizational development, and learning organizations since the 1990s. An outcome of our commitment to sustainable human capital development is a systematic succession and development process that aligns your unique assets and distinct value with the desired future. Leadership development plans for each participant are constructed with rigor, resourcefulness, and dignity to enhance and encourage continual learning.

Connect with us to explore options for:

CEO continual learning plans
Professional growth for managers
  3. Career planning for staff

CEO Oversight

Evaluation, Contract, and Compensation Advice

CEO retention practices include effective, ongoing oversight and evaluation and a structured total compensation rewards philosophy.

Our subject matter specialists support your board to connect compensation to performance and development and to maintain an effective structure for short- and long-term compensation. DDJ Myers provides an educational session for the board, recommends contract components, and conducts research and analysis for a multi-year compensation budget that includes performance incentives.


Onboarding and Recalibration: Board Members, Executives, and Managers

Hiring employees and recruiting top-tier board members is a major investment of resources.

Our offer is to support onboarding and recalibration for members of the board and executive and management team. Programs are specific to individual needs and are designed with all key stakeholders and with significant feedback loops.


Leadership transitions need to be successful, strategic, and smooth.

We recommend using one of our certified coaches/consultants to design an effective CEO transition plan. A third party sees blind spots, challenges embedded assumptions, and helps to create viable 100-day action plans.

Leadership and Executive Coaching

Executive coaching customizes learning into sustainable commitments and practices.

Our team of certified coaches provides the outside resource for executives to perceive themselves clearly, engage in courageous internal conversations, and build specific plans to reach the personal leadership growth they need to support the development of others.


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