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We are proud to work with a diverse team that honors authenticity, personal value and purpose driven work.
Our purpose is to advance the leadership potential in each individual, team and organization. We believe that each of us has untapped potential looking for the opportunity to practice and make a difference. Aligning actions and beliefs is a core practice at DDJ Myers. Our team has depth in expertise, makes a vital impact in the lives of others and adds value in their communities.

Deedee Myers, PhD, MSC, PCC, CHIC

Chief Executive Officer

Deedee is known for being a thought and practice leader in the field of transformative change and organizational evolution for people and organizations.

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Peter Myers, PCC, MSC

Senior Vice President

Peter Myers leads teams and individuals in moving forward in their organizational goals through recruitment, retention, strategic planning, succession planning, organizational and board assessment, and executive leadership coaching.

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Kristen Olson

Assistant Vice President

As Assistant Vice President, Kristen Olson seamlessly and efficiently oversees DDJ Myers’ day-to-day operations and logistics.

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Tim Tolliver, MSC, ACC

Vice President of Executive Performance

Tim Tolliver is an engaging and dynamic presence. He is committed to developing high-capacity teams and individuals capable of taking effective action with skill and conviction.

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Mary Leonardi

Vice President, Talent Advisor

A seasoned and proven professional with over three decades of leading with a unique approach in practices in talent acquisition, staff and executive level human resource consultation, employee development and succession planning.

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Jennifer Reitz, PCC, MSC

Vice President, Advancing Leadership Success

Jennifer Van Homer believes that excellence in leadership is crucial in order to address organizational challenges and create sustainable change.

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Robyn McCulloch, MS, PCC, MSC

VP of Action Learning Technologies

As a global visionary leadership coach and consultant, Robyn McCulloch’s background extends into domestic and international business start-ups, intercultural communication, and facilitation of action-learning processes.

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Dorothy Vrieling

Executive Assistant

As an Executive Assistant for DDJ Myers, Ltd., Dorothy assists in running the office smoothly and efficiently and manages a variety of responsibilities with an eager spirit and positive attitude.

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Darlene Dumont, DBA

Organization Change and Continuous Improvement Consultant

Dr. Darlene Dumont is a champion of culture transformation using empowering and engaging action-research with her clients.  

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Susan Geear, SC, PCC

VP of Innovative Leadership and Education

Susan Geear is an international coach, consultant, and social justice advocate, committed to partnering with leaders to support personal, social, and organizational change.

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Susan Nichols, MSC

Coach / Lead Facilitator

Susan Nichols is a coach and lead facilitator with The Advancing Leadership Institute. She is committed to helping people live more fully in their bodies (rest into self confidence)…

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Ella Dent

Associate Search Consultant

Ella Dent is new to the DDJ Myers team. She supports our candidates, manages our candidate database.

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Racheal Adams

Compensation Specialist and Search Consultant

Racheal is the latest addition to the powerful DDJ Myers executive recruitment team. Her professionalism and organization skills bring a perfect fit to the group.

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Timothy Young

Manager, Finance & Accounting

Timothy is new to the DDJ Myers team, and his goal is to consistently deliver custom organization, board, staff assessments, and financial forecasting solutions.

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