Our Story

We are active participants in the revolution that has transformed how businesses produce and deliver their products and services and how organizations are structured.

One constant in business success is the need for strong leadership. Toward that end, DDJ Myers has implemented programs for executive development and for organizations to support the progression of their mid-level talent.

DDJ Myers also works with boards in several capacities including board governance and transformative change and supports organizations through executive search with our unique, detailed process. Those programs have earned high praise from the organizations that have implemented them and have been honored with awards from leading industry associations.

In creating these solutions, we have applied our professional expertise and the lessons learned in working with hundreds of individuals, executive teams, boards, and organizations. Our programs are based on proven best practices adapted for the unique circumstances of each organization and the individual goals and aspirations of each participant.

There is no one-size-fits-all leadership toolbox. We look forward to continuing this work with your organization by helping you to optimize your greatest competitive advantage – your people.


Deedee Myers, CEO, DDJ Myers

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