Executive Recruitment

Enlist DDJ Myers to help identify and recruit candidates with the right blend of experience, competencies, and outlook to complement and contribute in positive and productive ways to your leadership team.
Our purpose is to attract and recruit the best talent to fulfill your strategic objectives.
The candidates selected through our recruitment process will fulfill their responsibilities and accountabilities for today and perform with vision and insight to ready your organization for tomorrow. Whether you need a branch manager, director, financial analyst, or C-level high-performing executive, we recruit individuals who are sustainable leaders for your organization.

You will be delighted with the level and quality of candidates presented, including the thoroughness of our vetting process and the detailed candidate portfolio you will receive for each interviewee. Our in-depth approach encompasses multidimensional screening; leadership, behavior, and personal competency assessments; and case study analyses. Each of our recruiters is also a certified leadership coach who applies unique expertise to recruiting on your behalf.

Roles are benchmarked using a patented process to determine the behaviors, values, personal skills, and task preferences required for superior performance. We help to eliminate natural biases often connected with the hiring process and use factual data to provide a solid foundation for coaching and hiring success.

Our proven recruitment process is also ideal to assess and recruit new board talent and is a valuable tool for objectivity in evaluating internal talent for succession planning, increased functional responsibilities, or cross-functional development. We support you in developing and maintaining a quality people attraction and development program that provides surprising value. Partnering with DDJ Myers supports your organization and helps it to thrive. Call us for a conversation about your vision for recruiting and retaining the best people.

Leadership Roles

Are leaders born or are leaders made? Yes! We are all leaders first of ourselves, and then of others. Persons in positions of leadership responsibility require strong qualities in competency and expertise, intelligence, the capacity to hold multiple commitments, and leadership presence, how others see them as a leader. What would be different in your organization if each individual performed to his or her highest potential?

As the external environment changes more and more in unanticipated patterns, the individuals who lead your organization, departments, branches, and business units need to be continual learners. Our recruitment process evaluates the learning patterns of recruits and current employees. Our Advancing Leadership Institute supports and encourages and often is the catalyst for increased capacity for learning in your organization.

Role/Job Benchmarking

Let the Job Talk

DDJ Myers delivers a proven approach to determine the talent necessary for superior performance. We have combined rational and organic approaches in an exciting job benchmarking tool to facilitate talent recruitment. Our unique job benchmarking design allows you to determine the behaviors, values, personal skills, and task preferences required for superior performance.

Ideal opportunities for job benchmarking include:

  • Internal assignments
  • External hires
  • Succession planning
  • Employee coaching plans
  • Performance opportunities

One of the most difficult parts of hiring is the actual interview. Our job benchmarking process makes it easy to remove common biases often associated with the hiring process. Instead, factual data based on job requirements provide a solid foundation for coaching and hiring success. The behaviors, values, personal skills, and task preferences, automated in an easy-to-read report, highlight opportunities and potential challenges for success. At the click of a button, you receive a candidate comparative report or a report comparing multiple candidates.

The Job Benchmarking Process

Our approach emphasizes benchmarking the job, not the people in the job. To do this, we let the job talk through an interactive process and job assessment. A Job Benchmarking Specialist works with you through the process to help you make your next great hire. Gleaning information for the automated reporting segment of job benchmarking involves eight basic steps:

  1. Identify the job to be benchmarked.
    Why does the job exist? How is success in the job measured? What is the history of the position, and how does it fit the company’s strategy?
  2. Identify subject matter experts.
    Subject matter experts are people within the organization who have a direct connection to the job and use their expertise to create the job benchmark. We provide a questionnaire to support this segment.
  3. Define key accountabilities.

    Subject matter experts define the position’s key accountabilities, or critical goals and key business successes and accountabilities.
  4. Prioritize and weigh key accountabilities.
    The subject matter experts rank the key accountabilities by importance and time requirements.
  5. Respond to the job assessment individually.
    Based on the key accountabilities, each subject matter expert responds to the job assessment, providing input on performance requirements of the job.
  6. Review the multiple respondent report.
    Based on a unique analysis and date entered into an automated system, the multiple respondent report combines the input of all subject matter experts to create a benchmark for the job that lists the job requirements in each category measured.
  7. Compare talent to the job benchmark.
    A talent assessment on the same scale as the job will identify the characteristics an individual will bring to the job, allowing you to determine the best job fit and identify coaching opportunities.
  8. Discuss the results and implementation strategy.
    Within the framework of a company’s overall selection process, effective hiring decisions and increased capacity productivity begin immediately.

To learn more about this innovative process in creating superior performance in all your jobs, please contact us. We are happy to share sample reports and more ideas on the use of this dynamic tool.

Candidate Assessments

Our executive search consultants are certified in several assessment tools that add value to the quality search process.

Preferred behavior and influencing style, personal competency, and emotional intelligence are the qualities that are most used by our clients. During the job benchmarking process, your search consultant will work with you to determine the best assessment tool for your needs.

Compensation Analysis

Compensation philosophy often links to effective employee engagement and the percentage of high performers in an organization. We invite you to discuss successful practices in recruiting and rewarding employees and other motivating factors with a DDJ Myers search consultant. Effective strategies to reward challenging work are a hot topic in hiring trends today.

Compensation surveys provide timely market data on active similar roles and employees in roles similar to the position you need assessed. DDJ Myers goes beyond culling data from published surveys. We actively survey the current market in an outreach program to connect with live people in the same roles in other organizations. Including live data in your compensation evaluation adds value beyond a published survey that is outdated the day it is published. Our compensation specialists compare education, expertise, and accomplishments to your role to provide apples-to-apples comparisons.

In-depth Screening

The DDJ Myers executive search process is a model for success. Using the Star Performer, a proprietary recruitment and succession plan model, we partner with you to identify required skills, competencies, and behavior for success in your organization. The Star Performer, used for both external recruitment and internal succession planning, articulates the measurement standards for successful performance. The Star Performer includes job benchmarking the role to improve statistics of strong hires.

Candidates complete assessments and interviews so we understand their motivating values and requirements. Multiple interviews assess knowledge, expertise, and communication skills. Written skills, when relevant, are evaluated in formal and informal writing exercises. The entire candidate assessment process ensures that their personal goals are a fit with your needs and objectives.

In addition to our best practices candidate assessment process, candidates receive onboarding coaching to ease transition and integration with their new organization. DDJ Myers executive search consultants are highly versed and expert in their work and deliver quality service to honor your need to maintain a successful and healthy organization.

Leadership Assessment

Leadership Assessment and the “C” Yourself Executive Leadership Program

In environments with rapid change, only those who are flexible, adaptable, and productive will excel. To identify employees with those attributes, businesses must learn to tap into people’s commitment, create an organization of engaged employees, and expand the learning capacity so employees can learn at all levels. In doing so, we create and sustain learning organizations that speak and live a commitment to ongoing leadership assessment and development.

As an outcome of our work in recruitment and leadership and management programs, we have observed that learning organizations have increased capacity for visioning, effective action, survival in chaos, and talent development and retention. Three pillars to being a leader directly support a healthy vibrant organization:

  1. Smarts or intelligence
  2. Competency and expertise in a certain domain such as finance, operations, or lending
  3. Presence, or the self we are

Most organizations do well with the first two pillars. There is a noticeable shift to pay more attention to the third pillar, leadership presence. How we manage ourselves, how we lead from behind, how others are compelled to seek us out regardless of title, how we remain centered in the midst of chaos, how we organize and coordinate for success, and how we move with purpose knowing we are a positive difference in the world are all part of developing leadership presence.

Developing leadership presence does not derive from reading a book or seeing a PowerPoint presentation. It comes from declaring the future we want, being in rigorous practices, and receiving assessments from qualified and committed leadership coaches and mentors. To support bringing forth increased levels of leadership from within the organization, DDJ Myers developed the “C” Yourself Executive Leadership Program. This program is designed for individuals who want to be exemplary leaders. It is ideal for those aspiring to the C level, to positions such as chief financial officer, chief sales officer, chief risk officer, chief operations officer, and chief executive officer.

The C Yourself program, which extends 6 to 12 months and is designed based on the individual’s desired outcomes, includes:

  1. Individual coaching calls
  2. Onsite work at DDJ Myers
  3. Field work
  4. Readings and writings
  5. Online leadership assessments
  6. Support from an internal manager/coach
  7. Summary report and recommendations

The C Yourself program supports succession development and increased capacity for leaders, individuals, and teams. Contact Deedee Myers or Peter Myers to learn more about this successful program.

Board Recruitment

Two critical decisions the board of directors makes are who will be CEO and who will be candidates for board seats. Effective boards guide organizational strategy and influence culture. Thus, a starting point for success is strategically deciding what talent the board needs for sustainability and organizational health.

DDJ Myers helps your board write a board position description in sync with strategic goals, develop a board recruitment process, and recommend ongoing learning for individual directors and the board as a team. We create a team dashboard to help drive your organization through successful implementation strategies. We support you in creating diversity in spectrum of talent representing your organization and its members and customers.

Internal Candidates

For high-performing employees who want to advance in their careers, our Succession Planning Star Performer process provides opportunity to hear their dreams, establish career goals and objectives, and create a development plan.

Our executive search process includes internal candidates and provides the same opportunity as offered to external candidates. The bonus is that internal candidates have a clear path of development if the new job is accepted or if they decide to remain in their current role.

Regulatory Supervision

With the financial crisis of 2008-2009 and its associated high-profile risk management failures, increased regulatory scrutiny has significantly magnified the need for analytically skilled risk management professionals. Key regulatory initiatives include emphases on capital and liquidity, stress testing, model validation, interest rate risk, and Basel III. Our recruiting efforts span the range of these initiatives, with specific engagements in the areas of capital and liquidity planning/analysis, capital program management, resolution program management, and ALM.

Ensuring that the right people are doing the right things at the right time has never been more important from a regulatory compliance perspective. Attracting the right combination of skills, experience, and leadership potential is not only important from an immediate compliance perspective, but also over the medium and long term to build a risk-based culture and capability across the organization.

We bring to your organization more than 20 years of experience attracting and recruiting the best risk management talent to fulfill your regulatory compliance needs. Whether you need a junior analyst, mid-career professional, or C-level high-performer, we recruit individuals who will grow into sustainable contributors and leaders for your organization.


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