Susan Nichols, MSC

Coach / Lead Facilitator


“My purpose is to inspire leaders who are whole, skillful and life giving.” – Susan Nichols

Susan Nichols is a coach and lead facilitator with The Advancing Leadership Institute. She is committed to helping people live more fully in their bodies (rest into self confidence), connect to what they care about (personal values, purpose and commitment), be effective in their actions (embodying the moves necessary to produce desired results) and deeply fulfilled in the process (able to experience fulfillment and satisfaction). Her coaching and teaching with individuals and teams draws from 17 years of her own ‘practice’ in executive and team leadership positions, a lifelong commitment to self development and learning, and her experience as a national ranked athlete and student of aikido, the martial art of peace.

Susan received her Master Somatic Coach certification from Strozzi Institute in 2004. She works through the body (i.e. the whole self – mind, body, emotions and spirit – not just the head) to assist people in developing their leadership presence, their capacity for new action and their ability to stay present, grounded and effective inside of conflict, uncertainty and quick change. Her work was recently published in the 2008 Pfeiffer Annual Compendium of leading ideas in the field of Leadership Development entitled, “Somatics and Leadership”.

Susie joined ALI in 2007 and is inspired by the commitment, extension, quality and care of the DDJ Myers team. She is honored to work with the quality group of clients they attract and is a commitment to there being joy, dignity, humor and compassion in all personal learning / transformational processes.

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