Tim Tolliver, MSC, ACC

Vice President of Executive Performance



“My Purpose is to Embody, Inspire and Cultivate Strength in Others.” – Tim Tolliver

Tim Tolliver is an engaging and dynamic presence. He is committed to developing high-capacity teams and individuals capable of taking effective action with skill and conviction. As a performance coach, trainer and facilitator, Tim has worked with leaders in the fields of finance, law, health care and business.

Through a combination of reflective conversation and engaging practices, clients learn to act in new ways that are more aligned with what’s most important to them. Tim’s unique approach to developing leaders is informed by his experience in competitive athletics, current advances in neuropsychology and almost 30 years of training and teaching traditional Japanese martial arts. He holds a B.A. in psychology from the University of Alaska.

Tim works with executive teams, teaches in the Emerging Leaders Program (ELP), and leads the “C” Yourself executive leadership program at DDJ Myers. Outside of the coaching arena, the drive toward excellence has led Tim to three world championships with the International Karate Association.

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