Symposium20 Interviews: Texas Trust’s Jim Minge Shares His ‘True Blue’ Culture of Excellence.

Texas Trust Credit Union’s President/CEO Jim Minge joined us in the Studio Lounge to shares his insights on how to pursue a culture of excellence. Jim talks about his “True Blue” members, being a “People Company,” and building a business on one positive experience at a time.

Very refreshing stuff here from Jim, whose credit union continues to excel at doing unique endeavors that enhance its value and position it as a positive leader within its community. Check it out and let us know your thoughts.

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Symposium20 Interviews: Firefly’s CEO and Board Chair Share Evolution of a Successful Working Relationship — 1 Year Later.

Roughly 365 days ago at the 2019 CUES Symposium we sat down with Firefly Credit Union’s new President/CEO Dale Turner and then Board Vice Chair Ann Ziebell (who is now Board Chair) to share how their working relationship kicked off to set the stage for the credit union’s continued success. What transpired was one 2019’s most popular episodes … for good reason. Check it out here.

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Symposium20 Interviews: Altura Board Chair and Vice Chair Talk Benefits of Governance Leadership Program.

Altura Credit Union Board Chair Jacqueline Hall and Vice Chair Perry Reed visited the Studio Lounge on a beautiful Hawaiian morning to discuss their experience undertaking DDJ Myers’ Governance Leadership program to help enhance Board Members’ working relationships for greater performance. Both Jacqueline and Perry shared how the process went and results/benefits upon its conclusion — and where they go from here.

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Symposium20 Interviews: DDJ Myers Deedee Myers and Peter Myers Discuss 7 Parts to Successful Board Alignment.

DDJ Myers CEO Deedee Myers and SVP Peter Myers joined us in the Studio Lounge (just as the sun was rising) to discuss their Board Alignment Assessment program that includes seven parts to creating a higher performing Board — that in turn creates a higher performing executive team and, ultimately, a credit union that consistently exceeds expectations. Peter even displayed a cool mobile app that helps Board’s track their performance for enhanced communication, results, etc.

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