Strategic Organization

The Strategic Organization offer of DDJ Myers is for organizations that need support of management advisors, organizational development specialists and organizational change facilitators. In the complexity of the external environment contracting, pushing, and pulling on your organization you may need an objective assessment or sounding board. We help organizations reground and organize for success.

It is possible you will call us for a management competency assessment and, in discovery, we both realize, the training and development function needs attention. Alternatively, accountability is the presented issue and, in reality, an unclear vision and strategy needs immediate attention. Perhaps you are merging two organizations and want deliberation in creating a new culture. Our services and team have intentionality to be both focused and flexible with the end purpose in mind being your organization is successful and healthy.

Here are examples of recent assignments The Strategic Organization of DDJ Myers supports:

  • Preparing individuals, teams and organizations for growth.
  • Giving your strategic planning process robust and meaningful practices.
  • Inspiring individuals to bring their whole self to work.
  • Evaluating the conditioned tendencies and patterns in your organization.
  • Being deliberate in designing and living your culture.
  • Creating opportunity for effective brainstorming.
  • Developing knowledge to inform better decision-making.
  • Embodying leadership practices.
  • Designing learning organizations.
  • Assessing and supporting management competencies.
  • Designing effective talent recruitment and retention practices.

Call and explore ideas or to brainstorm possibilities.