DDJ Myers and NWCUA Create an Emerging Leaders Program!

DDJ Myers and NWCUA Create an Emerging Leaders Program!

Emerging Leaders Program

Date: Mar 26, 2013 • 08:30 AM – Sep 19, 2013 04:30 PM

Location: SeaTac, WA

Price: $3,650 per person (ask us about group discounts!)

Program Overview

The Emerging Leaders Program is a unique industry offering specifically designed to foster and support the development of individuals who want to take more effective action, build practices of an authentic leader, and increase awareness of their own potential. Each participant receives six executive/leadership coaching sessions throughout the program to support his or her learning and development. The program is designed to include a unique curriculum in an all-encompassing learning event.

In this program, you will:

  • Integrate learning into effective action.
  • Develop sustainable leadership practices.
  • Address real-time issues and opportunities.
  • Produce lasting impact.

Program highlights:

  • Strategic Leadership Development
    • Envision, design and implement strategic goals.
    • Identify the strategic components of change.
    • Understand and take effective action in planned and unplanned change.
  • Building an Executive Presence
    • Appear authentically and on purpose to others.
    • Develop practices that support others seeing you as present, open and connected.
    • Introduce language, mood and attitude as leadership tools.
  • Applied Executive Communication
    • Develop a unique appreciation of the complexities of communication and diverse perspectives.
    • Unlock the potential of language and listening connected to effective action.
    • Practice adaptive listening and design your own communication plan.
  • Impact Organizations to Increase Capacity to Learn
    • Understand the culture of learning in organizations and the effect that culture can have on innovation and response to external environment constraints.
    • Learn to access the learning potential in your organization.
    • Leverage and increase capacity for accountability and commitment.
  • Transformative Change
    • Learn the theory behind transformative change and its practical application in your organization.
    • Understand the theoretical framework of incremental and instantaneous change and its application to your organization.
    • Learn how and why transformative change is or is not sustainable.
  • People Helping People
    • Explore the social responsibility of “People Helping People.”
    • Distinguish individual and corporate responsibility and the blend of both.
    • Generate the commitment of participants to support and evolve future leaders.
  • Complete a project with real-time application and benefit.
    • Utilize the expertise of teachers, coaches and facilitators with project decision and management.
    • Determine a feasible ROI on implementation and results.
    • Receive feedback from peers.

Training Dates/Locations

Week 1: Mar. 26-28, 2013 • SeaTac, Wash.
Week 2: June 18-20, 2013 • SeaTac, Wash.
Week 3: September 17-19, 2013 • SeaTac, Wash.
Project Presentations Breakout Session: October 9 or 10, 2013 • Portland, Ore.

Watch for more details to come.

Questions? Contact Deedee Myers by calling 602.840.9595 x101, or e-mail her directly at deedeemyers@ddjmyers.com.

About the Trainers

Susan Geear, Executive Coach • DDJ Myers Advancing Leadership Institute

Susan Geear is an international coach, consultant, and social justice advocate, committed to partnering with leaders to support personal, social, and organizational change. She works with multinational corporations, financial institutions, non-profits, and NGO’s fostering a commitment towards global citizenship, social consciousness, and personal responsibility. Her clientele spans over 32 countries which have provided her the opportunity to travel and experience the diversity of cultures and traditions of Eastern Africa, Istanbul, Dubai and Cebu. This rich cultural awareness supports her ability to bridge global communities by cultivating new pathways towards understanding and compassion.

Mark Haeussler, President • DDJ Myers Advancing Leadership Institute

Mark Haeussler, President of DDJ Myers’ Advancing Leadership Institute, is a creative and resourceful executive coach in inspiring teams to bring together their best talents, values and vision to unify their resources in achieving strategic initiatives with less breakdowns and more fulfillment. Mark brings his own success as a CEO of a 150-person enterprise, along with remote operation and project management background, as a solid ground to reaching business objectives and building sustainable relationships to the coaching partnership. Mark develops the unique intellectual materials for the Advancing Leadership Institute which provide clients with practical entries to build greater success, including managing change, moving effectively through dialog, building new competencies, and adapting leadership presence to shifting needs. Mark brings a solid presence that leverages clients to explore and challenge their assumptions, competencies, and practices in leadership.

Deedee Myers, Founder and CEO • DDJ Myers Advancing Leadership Institute

Deedee Myers is founder and CEO of DDJ Myers, Ltd. and co-founder of the Advancing Leadership Institute.  For the past 20 years she has been passionate about establishing and developing humans to thrive in any economic environment.  During the past several years her Succession Planning and Leadership Development offer has been highly regarded as both innovative and best practices. Through the Advancing Leadership Institute Deedee works with executives and managers so they live in their potential and, in doing so, show up as a more valuable offer to their organization and community. Deedee also leads a thriving recruitment practice, started in 1989 with emphasis on market risk management and asset/liability management supports.

Peter Myers, Vice President • DDJ Myers Advancing Leadership Institute

Peter Myers assists individuals and teams move forward in their personal and organizational goals through recruitment, retention and executive leadership coaching practices. On a daily basis, Peter works with senior management in the financial services industry to build and further develop their leadership and strategic teams by bringing out the true power within themselves and integrating it into the professional and business world. Third generation in this industry, Peter’s formal education and somatic coaching certification, combined with his extensive world travels and his exposure to the financial services industry, helps him create vision and opportunities for business professionals seeking to reach their next level of success and commitment.

Michael Sessions, Senior Vice President, Strategic Organization Services • DDJ Myers Advancing Leadership Institute

Michael Sessions is an accomplished leader who combines two decades as a senior executive for leading organizations, eleven years of service on various boards, over a dozen years as a life and executive coach, and doctoral studies in human and organizational development to advancing the effectiveness of leaders and organizations. He was award the Trail Blazer Award in 2011 by Marathon Health for a progressive wellness program he initiated and he accepted the National Center for Employee Ownership’s Innovation Award in 2007 for a succession and employee development program he designed and implemented.  He teaches Leadership in Organizations at the University of Vermont’s graduate school of business and is a frequent presenter at local and national conferences on topics such as leadership, succession, employee development, and wellness.

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Cancellation & Refund Policy

Any registrant may cancel by delivering a written notice received by NWCUA no later than 30 days or more prior to the first class. A full refund cancellation fee of $1000 will be enforced. Cancellation notices received thereafter shall be subject to the following schedule:

  • Notice of cancellation received less than 30 days prior to the first session will result in a full refund, less $500 to DDJ Myers and $500 to NWCUA to cover costs of registration and materials.
  • Cancellations after the first week will result in refund of 50% of amounts paid, cancellations after the second week will result in refund of 25% of amounts paid, and cancellations after the third week will result in forfeiture of all amounts paid and only substitutions will be accepted.
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