Good Governance: Board Succession

Good Governance: Board Succession

Decisions leaders make about people are critical to organizational success because people impact everything in an organization. Leaders are people and people are the sources of information leaders rely on to make decisions. People set and carry out the organization’s strategy. People react during a crisis. The right people fix a decision that is going badly, and the wrong people can mess up even the most brilliant decision

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Good Governance: Board Succession

Life, Celebration, Death, a Stripe, and a Wedding

This week has been filled with memorable events.  My quadruplets, Ian, Scott, Rebecca, and Bryce turned 9 last Saturday. They had a choice between a birthday party located a one of the many well-known kids party zone places in town or a family party at home.  Unanimously they selected the family party at home.  The choice for a family party was and was not a surprise.  Have you ever had one of those where both choices were anticipated and agreeable?  The kids choice to celebrate at home with the family landed in my heart with a warm snuggly feeling – that’s about as sophisticated as I can be right now in my vocabulary – warm and snuggly.

This week was the 43rd birthday of my sister Melinda, the youngest of 12 siblings of an Irish Catholic Mother and my Midwest born and raised Protestant father.  Our household was a continual flux of diapers, footballs, hair curlers, and constant flow of food.  Melinda died in my arms two days before her first birthday.  Her little heart could not sustain her life and for the past 42 years she has been my connection to heaven.

Wednesday, I witnessed my six youngest children earn their first black stripe toward their black belt in Taekwondo.  The test is a pattern of 29 moves, demonstrating several kicks, verbally answering questions, and writing in Korean.  They do this at the age of 9 and 10. As I prepare for my speech today at a conference, I hear them answer a question asked by their teacher, Mr. Joe, on what are the six elements of power:  Concentration, Equilibrium, Mass, Reaction Force, Breath, and Speed. My morning reflection is how these six elements of power relate to my day in this world, doing the work I do.  Just as my children had a choice, I am in choice about my level of concentration, how much is too much and too little and the deliberateness of my reaction.  Breath is always my friend as is my mantra about speed– go slower to go faster.

Tomorrow, I have the joy of witnessing my nephew Chad marry his bride, Jade.  This week represents the rich cycle of life.  I am honored to be part of my family.


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