Symposium20: DDJ Myers Peter Myers explains the importance of organizational alignment assessment.

DDJ Myers Senior Vice President Peter Myers stopped by the Studio Lounge to share his insights on Organizational Alignment Assessment for credit unions to be on the same page from the top down. Peter showed us where users can see whether or not their credit union is in alignment in various sectors from a program on his mobile phone. Pretty cool stuff here for credit unions to greatly enhance their performance, ensuring everybody is on the same page.


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Symposium19 Interviews: DDJ Myers Peter Myers Explains How to Elevate Your Strategic Conversation

Published on February 2, 2019

DDJ Myers SVP Peter Myers visited the Studio Lounge amongst the conference activities and shared his expertise on evaluating the strategic conversation that leads to actionable results. It’s a topic that occurs often between Board and CEO and Peter helps us navigate the course to ensure a productive and transparent discussion takes place for continued success down the road.

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