About Us

Executive Recruitment

DDJ Myers has been a leader in recruitment since 1989. Our clients trust us to help them recruit first class professionals with expertise, competency and leadership. We created a thorough and scrupulous model that we use when searching for and vetting candidates and embedding succession planning and talent development in organizations. Our purpose is to support organizations in terms of recruiting, deploying, developing and rewarding their employees; this benefits both the organizations employing the high performers and the individuals who know that they make a difference.

Strategic Organization

An effective organizational design supports the culture, coordination, and strategic initiatives of our clients. Exploring, understanding, and implementing a new design to pursue new opportunities, implement retrenchment, or execute mergers requires attention to the structure and interaction of the key components. Our organizational consultants are passionate about supporting clients in the design and implementation of their organizational structures for the sake of long-term sustainability and viability.

Advancing Leadership Institute

Our customized leadership programs support the future you seek to build.Complete with multi-disciplinary approaches, our programs support the development of leadership presence, more effective mediation, and greater coordination for effective action. Our proprietary mental models help clients to see themselves with greater ease and effectiveness in terms of leadership in order to emphasize the most important and compelling opportunities.

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