Board Alignment

Alignment for the innovative board.

This online assessment tool measures the alignment of your board members by quantifying critical success factors among 8 best-practice governance categories.

In 30 minutes, you can complete the confidential online survey, accessible via desktop computer or mobile device. Review your results through an interactive and easily navigable online dashboard.

A DDJ Myers representative will host a one-hour teleconference with the key stakeholders to review the highlights from the assessment, and provide a high-level summary report.

Assess performance, leverage strengths, identify gaps, and measure progress as a self-governing fiduciary body.

The BAA quantifies the board’s interaction and effectiveness, highlighting future value opportunities in the following categories:

  • Board Committees
  • Board Composition, Succession, Development
  • Board Information
  • Board Interaction
  • Board Oversight & Partnership of CEO
  • Board Performance
  • Fiduciary Responsibilities & Competencies
  • Strategy Development & Alignment

This is how it works:

The BAA’s input and output design is accessible, familiar, and repeatable for end users and beneficiaries. This allows boards to repeat the BAA on a regular schedule (i.e., annually) or during strategic times (i.e., before a merger) to reveal and demonstrate progress. The interactive dashboard intuitively displays the delta on the measured items (positively or negatively), allowing for stakeholders to quantify board alignment with action items.

Strategic Alignment

Aligning on priorities to set and keep pace.

Provides a guiding framework to continually address and align on the most strategically relevant issues, board/CEO responsibilities, governance practices, and organizational performance to attain greater board/board and board/CEO alignment.

Board Development

Enhance the board’s portfolio of competencies.

Addresses the competitive landscape’s evolving needs head-on by regularly identifying and navigating development opportunities that elevate the board’s sophistication and precision of impact.


Measure performance and improvement.

Quantifies critical success factors among eight best-practice governance categories enhancing the leveraging of strengths, identification of relevant growth opportunities, and demonstration of progress as a self-governing fiduciary body.

“[The BAA] led us to having crucial and honest conversations and then making a plan to go forward. More data about ourselves [as a board] helped us create a strategic plan and enhance the credit union.”

Jackii Hall, Board Chair of Altura Credit Union

“I loved looking at this material and the dashboard made it that much more interesting. I ended up locking myself in my office all day reviewing this material.”

CEO of $5B Credit Union

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CEO Deedee Myers and SVP Peter Myers discuss the DDJ Myers Board Alignment Assessment program that creates a higher performing executive team and, ultimately, a credit union that consistently exceeds expectations. Peter displays the mobile app that helps Board’s track their performance for enhanced communication, results, etc.

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