Organization Alignment

Strategic Alignment for Optimal Readiness

A cutting-edge instrument that will provide stakeholders actionable insights.

Powered to align strategy development, infrastructure, operations, culture, and pace within the organization.

The OAA results are delivered through the dynamic, online dashboard that highlights degrees of alignment and performance across the organizational hierarchy, functional areas, tenure, gender, and race/ethnicity.

When aligned, the organization reaches its potential and operates at peak performance.

The OAA measures alignment among four key strategic pillars that inform an organization’s success:

  • Strategy Development and Deployment
  • Infrastructure and Operations
  • Culture
  • Pace of Execution

The OAA then drills down into the following subcategories:

  • Clarity of Execution
  • Communication
  • Delivery Channels’ Effectiveness
  • Leadership Modeling
  • Market & Member Impact
  • Marketing and Brand
  • Production & Results
  • Structure Alignment
  • Teaming
  • Value Proposition

How Does It Work?

The output is provided via an interactive and dynamic dashboard, allowing the end-users to clearly and easily see the points of alignment and performance from each respective population’s points of view; this is in contrast to a typical survey output, which requires hours to sift through hundreds of pages of data to gain actionable insight.

The interactive dashboard is engaging and easy to interpret.


Align on priorities to set and keep pace.

Provides a guiding framework to continually assess and align on the most strategically, relevant micro issues that enable or inhibit performance at a macro level.


Sharpen the organization’s core competencies.

Addresses the competitive landscape’s evolving needs head-on by regularly identifying and fine-tuning the staff’s perspective of the needed competencies to deliver your organization’s value proposition.

Macro to Micro

Measure performance and improvement.

Opens the door to a deeper and more precise understanding of alignment shifts and performance opportunities. Exposes hidden growth potential on all levels.

Measure Accountability for the
Individual and the Organization

Executives will understand where leadership must improve in empowering and informing employees. Nurturing cross-departmental collaboration, the OAA extracts and measures each participant’s accountability (reported in aggregate).

Give them skin in the game! Involving your staff will motivate them to improve. The ease of implementation, use, and accessibility (tablet or smartphone) allows the front line to gain insight into their position’s culture and operations.

“We’ve always done employee engagement surveys…but when we did the OAA, we realized that we don’t need to just keep giving employees things to be engaged; we need to refine what we’re communicating, how we’re communicating it, and how it aligns with our purpose and mission. The OAA gave us concrete items we could go and tackle.”

CEO of $1.5B credit union

“Not a three-inch binder that no one ever looks at!”

CEO of $250M credit union

When would an organization deploy an OAA?

The OAA provides key stakeholders ground-level intelligence regarding staff, management, and executives’ perspectives on the holistic variables that inform an organization’s alignment. This will positively impact the critical business disciplines of strategic scenarios.

The OAA should be a mandatory part of the organization’s strategic planning process for the following:

  • Organization capacity planning
  • CEO succession planning process (proactive and reactive)
  • Cultural climate research
  • Merger preparation
  • Strategic alignment pulse check

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DDJ Myers Senior Vice President Peter Myers stopped by the Studio Lounge to share his insights on Organization Alignment Assessment for credit unions to be on the same page from the top down. Peter showed us where users can see whether or not their credit union is in alignment in various sectors from a program on his mobile phone. This is pretty cool stuff for credit unions to greatly enhance their performance, ensuring everybody is on the same page.

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