The Seasons of Change Model is perfect for your first group facilitation event and ideal for ongoing conversations to track change in the team. The client does the heavy lifting for you and through their enthusiastic response to the model, you will know what direction they want to go next and why.

The Seasons model helps the client put language to their moods, actions and unspoken concerns. Coaches who use this model are delighted with the ease of facilitation, coaching and the ongoing ability to provide relevance to individual, pair and team coaching. Organizations that buy this model for in-house training use it to discuss the cycle of products and services. With the Seasons model, your clients normalize change and create an opening for the transformation they desire.

You will masterfully provide a compelling and natural path to explore possibilities and move into organization transformation conversations. Within one day, teams generate commitments that frame the development work needed to support a new level of success.

The model has been instrumental in diverse client engagements for over ten years and is a foundational tool in every coach’s backpack. The package includes facilitator guide, participant guide including fieldwork and practices and a multicolored floor map, four hours private 1:1 training and invitations to group training webinars.

Your facilitator guide includes somatic practices for depth and complex coaching practices.

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