Blind Spots in the Boardroom

About the Podcast

Join us for an exciting, in-depth conversation on the topic of Organization Alignment. We’ll address some of the challenges credit unions are facing today, the researched strategies for achieving an empowered and aligned organization, and the important improvements needed in the financial services industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • [04:19] For a board to change its practices first it needs to be committed to different outcomes. It takes about 30 times for a board to start to be in a new conversation before they start to get their brain rewired to embody the change
  • [07:24] In merger conversations we lose sight of what is important for the member. We need to look at what the continuing organization will look like and what is the leadership the membership and continuing organization need and deserve.
  • [12:39] An educated board and executive team are a sharper team. When you have sharper leaders in the organization good things come from that.
  • [24:22] If we are not taking care of that relationship with the CEO then we are strategically hampered. With a good CEO evaluation, the board is higher performing, the CEO is more attentive to being high performing, and the relationship is high performing and more genitive.
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