Catching the eye of an executive search consultant and, ultimately, a board, with an impactful and well-written resume is a requirement to becoming a chief executive officer (CEO). However, crafting the greatest resume in the world alone does not make you a worthy contender for a CEO position. Readying yourself to be a CEO requires a blend of understanding the blend of strategy, organization design, and of course, culture and talent. Exemplary CEOs leverage their strengths and have a granular understanding of the impacts and the unintended consequences of their weaknesses. Most importantly, readying yourself to be a CEO requires growth, as a professional AND as a person. During this webinar, Deedee Myers and Peter Myers will outline the development path to ready yourself for a CEO position.

Key Takeaways:
• Expanded definition of CEO leadership
• Detailed understanding of what boards are and are not looking for in a candidate
• Possibilities for self-development
• Resume dos and don’ts
• Interview mishaps to avoid
• How to manage the search consultant relationship
• How to prepare for your first call with the search consultant

Presented by Deedee Myers & Peter Myers, DDJ Myers

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