Board Performance and Development

  • Ensure your board is high performing.
  • Create and maintain a standard of excellence for your board.
  • Implement a strategic board recruitment process.
  • Recruit and retain high performers for your board.
  • Move from tactical discussions to more strategic discussion and decisions.
  • Strengthen Board-CEO effectiveness.

The Board Performance Assessment is designed for credit unions interested in high performance and a high standard of excellence between board and CEO.  This online assessment takes about 20 minutes for each board member to complete and delivers quantitative and qualitative information that supports your board in understanding how the board operates in these eight areas:

  • Board Composition
  • Board Committees
  • CEO Compensation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Board Procedures
  • Board Interaction
  • Board Information
  • Board and CEO Effectiveness

The information gathered can be used to:

  • Establish current baseline of board’s performance
  • Identify critical gaps in key areas of board effectiveness
  • Measure degree of alignment among board members
  • Measure level of awareness of key board responsibilities
  • Provide educational program for board members’ continuous education
  • Enable boards to quantify their interaction and effectiveness as a board
  • Complies with board self-assessment requirements

The results of the Board Performance Assessment will determine approaches and methodology to ongoing leadership continuity of the board.

Please contact DDJ Myers for more information on performing a board assessment within your organization by emailing us at or call (800) 574-8877.

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