Embrace Your Gifts

For Deedee Myers, Ph.D., CEO of CUESolutions provider DDJ Myers Ltd., Phoenix, success centers on feeling “at home in her skin” with work and the people involved. It’s embracing and sharing her values, gifts and talents. If success were an equation, hers would be:
gifts/talents + values + beliefs + people + environment = the right work

She notes that an internal assessment, done with honesty and candor, will shape your own formula.

“Learning these ‘flow points’ was critical—the days where time passed so fast, yet I had energy remaining. I found my family would benefit from these days when work did not consume all my attention and energy. These flow points—the intersection of what you enjoy with your skills and expertise—evolve. … Ultimately, my company began at the intersection of what I most enjoyed and my mastery—enough for clients to hire me.”


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