Roughly 365 days ago at the 2019 CUES Symposium we sat down with Firefly Credit Union’s new President/CEO Dale Turner and then Board Vice Chair Ann Ziebell (who is now Board Chair) to share how their working relationship kicked off to set the stage for the credit union’s continued success. What transpired was one 2019’s most popular episodes … for good reason. Check it out here.

This year at the CUES Symposium, I was on pins and needles looking forward to revisiting with them to discover how their working relationship has evolved over the last 12 months: what works, what doesn’t work, communication strategies, meetings, Board Chair succession planning, decision making — the whole nine yards.

Once again, another dynamite discussion with two super sharp people doing equally impressive things at their credit union to continue better serving their members and their community. Wonderful conversation, so check it out and let us know your thoughts.

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