DDJ Myers announces series of white papers to guide decision-makers

Phoenix, AZ: DDJ Myers, trusted authority in leadership and development, announces a three part series of white papers to guide credit union leaders as they navigate the difficult roads surrounding mergers and acquisitions. The series, “Credit Union Leaders Plan Post-Pandemic Merger & Acquisition Strategies” takes an in-depth look at the credit union landscape in a post-pandemic economy.

Part One in the series, “Merger Considerations in the Post-Pandemic Age,” provides insight into the impact the global crisis had on the industry and how leaders can make a plan to move forward. Industry experts outline the benefits, risks and rewards to credit unions on both sides of the table.

“As we emerge from the pandemic and get back to ‘normal’, I anticipate the number of mergers and acquisitions among credit unions to increase significantly,” says Deedee Myers, CEO of DDJ Myers. “The entire industry was forced to pump the brakes and shift its focus. Now they can restart those conversations and with these whitepapers, they will have a strong roadmap to get them headed in the right direction,” added Myers. 

Download Part One here.
Stay tuned for the releases of Parts Two and Three.


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Contact: Christina Isaacs
Director of Marketing
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